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ZCast is Ready to Let Your Voice Be Heard

ZCast is Ready to Let Your Voice Be Heard

by Novak Bozovic09/09/2016
Podcasting is not a new thing, but it still manages to capture a lot of attention. Even though some big-name companies like Facebook, are currently trying hard to push video broadcasting, there are numerous reasons why audio broadcasting is here to stay. It seems like one Israeli company is well-aware of this.

Founded back in 2012, ZCast went through a very difficult, but also productive way of offering a digital tool for your voice to be heard. The company has secured around $300,000 in private investment, as well as additional $4 million from companies like Microsoft Ventures.

This only shows that there is a lot of potential behind this idea, so let’s see what ZCast is all about.

As the company advertises this app, ZCast is a new way to host a podcast. What this means is that you can use this app to live broadcast your message and share it over several social networks. Up until recently, you were only allowed to live stream your voice, but this has changed thanks to hard efforts of this company.

What is interesting is that the company behind this app worked with some of the bigger names on this network to deliver their recordings manually. Now anyone can access this feature and make their past recordings available to fans.

The latest update now allows users to create their own landing pages and edit podcast meta-data, including title, description, and tags. Even though these seem like small steps, the company has shown tremendous dedication to listening to users of ZCast and developing the app according to their needs.

Even though the app currently seems well-rounded in terms of functionality, there is still one thing that might deter a lot of potential users. The app needs your Twitter credentials in order to use it, since the goal is to use this social network to broadcast your message.

ZCast is Ready to Let Your Voice Be Heard

Furthermore, the app is only available on iOS, in addition to its web-based version that you can use regardless of a platform you are on. It seems that the Android version would certainly help spread the word, which is why the company’s efforts are currently aimed towards that.

As ZCast’s CMO Hillel Fuid says:

Audio removes the psychological and technology barriers that are associated with video.

What this means is that podcasting is still pretty much an unexplored area, where there is a lot of room for growth. Smaller companies like ZCast are well-aware of this fact, while bigger players are ready to confirm this through their investments.

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Bottom line

Even though it is still early to say if ZCast will manage to attract new users and keep their existing ones, one thing is clear. There is a lot of potential in what ZCast offers, and it seems that we might be seeing the next big hit.

If you have something to say about pretty much anything, go ahead and download this app from the iOS App Store (with Google Play coming soon). You won’t regret it!

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