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Zap Zap Math Makes It Easy for Kids to Learn Math

Zap Zap Math Makes It Easy for Kids to Learn Math

by Novak Bozovic02/11/2016
Zap Zap Math is a true example of how digital devices can help our kids learn things and acquire new skills. Instead of having your child play games just for fun, Zap Zap Math can transform the learning process into something fun and productive.

We were all kids once, and we all know that learning by playing isn’t only more fun than memorizing random facts, but it is also more effective. Today, numerous countries have adopted or enhanced their education systems where learning by playing is more present.

After all, there are numerous studies that show the effectiveness of this system, and there’s no reason not to help those who’ve just started their education.

How it works

Zap Zap Math is a highly comprehensive math game, tailored for children to help them acquire basic math skills. The app is currently optimized (in terms of content) for kindergarten-level up to sixth grade, with new content being regularly released and promised to expand in the future. Now, let’s take a closer look at how this game looks like, as well as what kinds of methods it uses to teach math to your kids.

Upon the initial launch, Zap Zap Math lets kids choose an avatar and name him by using a scrolling list of random names. Then, their chosen avatar will lead them through different galaxies with all kinds of space stops. There are 9 galaxies at the moment, where each of them offers a different number of games (ranging from one to ten).

Zap Zap Math Makes Math Fun!

What is important to be said is that Zap Zap Math is not just a linear game, but instead it adapts to your child’s skills and interests. As your child might be better at certain areas of math, the game will adapt to those areas instead of forcing your child to solve each possible problem before making it to higher levels.

Furthermore, reinforcements are also present in order to provide kids a sense of achievement once each level is successfully completed.

The game rewards coins after each mini-game is completed, where the amount of coins correlate to the difficulty of the played level. These coins can be spent on customizing spaceships and thus, personalizing the game. Since each spaceship has 4 floors with 4 items that can be customized, kids can spend coins on buying decorative items.

This educational game covers a comprehensive range of math topics, and this is what you can currently find: addition, subtraction, fraction, multiplication, geometry, measurements, angles, and coordinates, among other things.

Zap Zap Math

Zap Zap Math also has another, important side. It lets parents and teachers have an insight into how children use this game. There is a web-based “Learning Analytics” Dashboard, which presents a series of highly detailed information, invaluable to both parents and teachers.

With this said, it’s clear that Zap Zap Math can be used as a new medium for teaching, where teachers get to use this highly interactive learning ecosystem to make math fun and more understandable.

On the other hand, parents can target problem areas their children need more practice in, and help them build the basic skills that will serve their kids in the future.

The Bottom line

Zap Zap Math is free of charge, and you can download it from the iOS App Store and Google’s Play Store. There are no in-app purchases as well. The Web Dashboard and some detailed reports are accessible without paying. For full access to reports you will need to pay $10. There are also other pricing options for teachers and schools.

If you child likes to play video games, there’s no reason not to download Zap Zap Math and transform that time into something useful.

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