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WWDC Apple’s Keynote: The Emperor’s New Clothes

WWDC Apple’s Keynote: The Emperor’s New Clothes

by Andrija Nikolic15/06/2016
After yesterday WWDC all of the mainstream media have published news from the event. Unfortunately, none of them was critical. I wondered if I had watched the same WWDC event or did I miss something? My opinion about Apple’s greatest news is totally opposite and I have a dilemma: should I sign the same story as the majority or stand up with my view.

Luckily, during the same day, I received a newsletter from Bob Lefsetz

That email just confirmed my thoughts and encouraged me to write my impressions without falling into a cliché.

So, I’ll say this loud and clear: The Emperor is wearing nothing. He’s naked!

Despite the glorification of the self, the promotion of one’s personality and penumbra for effect, the truth is we need those above us, they inspire us with their excellence, they give us something to live for.

Apple lost its strength after Steve Jobs’ death, and that is the truth.
Many of “the newest amazing features” are already present on Android devices for example. But that is not the point.

It’s now Tim Cook’s company. He takes the stage, and you wince. Not this boring old fart again. The supply chain supplicant who inherited the operation. I’d rather hear from Janice in accounting. And if you don’t catch that John Oliver reference you’re missing out on something funny and dangerous, that makes you think, as opposed to what we got here today.

The point is that Apple lost its leadership in tech. The most of their products at this moment are mediocre.
Tim Cook and others tried to keep Cupertino company on Steve’s path. It is evident they don’t have any idea how to maintain the heritage that Steve Jobs left them.

iWATCH improvements with Mini Mouse layout. Are you kidding me?
This is your best innovation?

Tech has hit a wall. MySpace replaced Friendster but Facebook stole the eyeballs, and it appears we’re at the end of the road. Nothing’s gonna break the monopoly. We’ve become accustomed in the past two decades to a wiping clean of the slate every couple of years, we believed revolution was just around the corner, it was thrilling to watch and be a part of, but now. It’s a few companies honing their offerings and consolidating power.

SIRI for Mac?

I bet that 90% of users not using SIRI on their iPhones same as I’m not using it. Except when I am having fun with my friends and looking for her original answers.

I watched, but I didn’t feel involved, a member of the tribe. The attendees looked like zombies who’d drunk the kool-aid. And I love to drink the sugary soft stuff too, but you’ve got to get me with your head and heart, from the very start, and keep titillating me along the way, and today I felt no connection.

But, iOS 10 is bringing some features on the table. Like a possibility to delete stock apps.
I just can’t wait to remove some of them that I’m not using and free some space for better 3rd party apps.

This is one side of the medal since Apple has some new ideas about how to charge for the apps (and music as well).
If you watched yesterday keynote, you probably heard about the newest subscription model.

I don’t clearly understand how they will treat the apps and music that users have already purchased. I agree that this new business model will encourage developers to create even better apps and games but from users’ side, it might not look fair. But, let’s wait to see how this will work.

As a big Apple fan, I’m pretty disappointed with last two keynotes. Hoping that Apple will find their guiding star to bring us amazing devices in the same way they did in the past.

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  • Bobby W.
    16/06/2016 at 14:33

    Finally someone say it! I’m not a fan of Android phones but this is the fact. Apple lose its spirit without Steve Jobs.

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