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WWDC 2016: What to Expect

WWDC 2016: What to Expect

by Novak Bozovic13/06/2016
With this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference just around the corner, many are interested in what kind of announcements Apple will make during the company’s keynote. This event runs from June 13-17 and serves as a hub for developers to connect with the latest technologies in order to keep their apps and services as attractive and capable as possible.

Since WWDC is software-focused, and as our experience tells us, we can expect news regarding OS X and iOS. However, there might be some hardware-related news that may concern developers. Let’s see what to expect from this year’s WWDC.

OS X 10.12

Apple’s desktop operating system is expected to be the main part of the company’s keynote. The current OS X version, called El Capitan, is quite capable and performs well, but it lacks any kind of proper innovation. Since the company was busy overhauling El Capitan’s behind-the-scenes technology, it can be expected that the next version will bring something new for average OS X users.

There are numerous proofs that Siri will finally become available on Apple’s desktop operating system. Some reports say that Apple took three years to finally bring Siri to OS X. However, we shouldn’t expect anything drastically new when it comes to this transition. This digital assistant should come with the same set of capabilities as on iOS.
Another interesting tidbit is that Apple plans to rebrand OS X to macOS.

As you already know, this would fit with the same branding principle the company has when it comes to its different operating systems: iOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

iOS 10

The next major version of iOS is expected to bring more features for developers than for average smartphone users.
The biggest news is that Siri’s SDK (Software Development Kit) will become open and available for developers. What this means is that third-party developers will have access to Siri in order to integrate this virtual assistant with their applications and services. This would drastically increase Siri’s capabilities, but it will take some time until we see the results of this effort.

Those of you who use Apple Pay will be happy to know that new features are coming. A recent report said that Apple Pay will become available on Safari, which means that you can pay for online services and other items using this technology.

tvOS and watchOS

When it comes to the next versions of tvOS and watchOS, leakers were strangely quiet. Even though both of these platforms are very young, the competition in their fields is very strong. This will push Apple into innovating and offering a unique set of features.

For watchOS, we expect the new major version to be announced. This will most definitely bring a large set of smaller features and enhancements, along with performance improvements. Some developers are hoping that Apple will allow apps to run completely natively, but this might require a new Watch model.

When it comes to tvOS, analysts are predicting that Apple will compete with Netflix, Amazon, and other video streaming services, by offering original programming. Still, it might be too early to talk about this.

Apple’s WWDC keynote starts at 10am Pacific Time, on June 13. In case you have an iOS and OS X device, you can live stream the event via Safari. Windows 10 users will have to use Windows Edge, which is the only browser that currently supports Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming technology.

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