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Wrike: a cloud based project management

Wrike: a cloud based project management

by Andrija Nikolic26/04/2017
Project management software is becoming one of the most important tools for almost each and every business around the world.

Today, it is common for people from different countries work in one team. In this case, collaboration between team members can be very hard. Sometimes working on complex projects can even be impossible without a project management software.

On the internet you can find tons of app for project management with countless possibilities and price ranges.

Personally, I have tried dozens of them. And each has advantages and disadvantages.

Recently I’ve found Wrike’s project management tracking tools. I really don’t know where this tool was hidden from me all those years. But I’m really happy that I’ve found it.

Finally, a few weeks ago I decided to GIVE IT A TRY.

Wrike: a cloud based project management

If you are looking for a good, reliable software for a task management online, which is both user friendly and intuitive at the same time, please read the whole article.

People behind Wrike say that they have the right plan for each team.
Their offer starts with a free plan that is available for teams up to 5 members.

It is a perfect thing to start and it could be very useful for small business owners or startups in the early phase. Plus, it comes with a timeline generator, scheduling software, and time tracking software for project management.

Once your business and your team starts growing, you can choose some of more advanced plans.

After two weeks of extensive testing, I decided to use Wrike in my next projects and here is why.

Wrike has a pretty good task management function. It is a handy tool for project development, file storage, and communication between team members.

Also, there is a bunch of different reports and project status on timelines, so all users are always updated about project current status.

You can organize tasks, schedules, discussions and company files all in one shared place. It can also sync employees, and it can even get clients involved.

Flexibility at its finest

For example, you can assign tasks to different people, and if you transfer an existing task to someone else in your team, the new person still has access to the history.

Collaborators can also see how tasks influence each other, helping them understand how their contribution pushes the project forward. Conversations can be directed simply using the @mention function.

Of course, such software can easily create different charts to visualize the project. It includes Gantt charts to track timelines and core processes, baseline charts to see how tasks schedule out or performance charts so you can track the progress by tasks and individuals.

Wrike: a cloud based project management

For those who aren’t much familiar with Gantt charts, it helps with projects that are complex and require various tasks or phases to be completed in order to develop a final project. It is a great way when you need to consider many process at the same time.

It can be integrated with 35 different apps such as Salesforce, Zapier, Github or Jira. Above all, there are apps for iOS and Android so you can access your files when you are on go as well.

Since there is 14 day free trial for all 4 premium plans (professional, business marketers and enterprise) you can jump to the one that will fit your needs.

The price for the professional plan that I have used is a little bit below 10 bucks per user per month. Such price can be considered as a fair price comparing to what you get.

These are some of the companies using Wrike: Hootsuite, Western Union, and many more.

The bottom line

If you ask me what is the biggest advantage of this platform, I’ll say it’s the flexibility and the intuitive layout. It can be customized according to each user’s preferences, which is a big advantage in my opinion.

At this moment, it is definitely my favourite project management software. Give it a try, maybe it will become your favorite tool as well.

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