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Unleash Your Android’s Power with DU Speed Booster

Unleash Your Android’s Power with DU Speed Booster

by Novak Bozovic24/04/2016
Even though they come with many benefits over other mobile platforms, Android phones are also known to cause slowdowns after a certain point in time.

There are millions of great apps on the Google Play Store, and I am sure many of you have already installed a number of apps on your phone.

On top of that, there are background processes that you are not even aware of, but which can easily take a large chunk of your phone’s processing power. This is why you can find system optimizers on the Google Play Store, which promise to make your phone run better than before. However, you should be careful with these apps.

Installed apps take a certain amount of local space, but they also require system resources to run.

With more than 300 million downloads, DU Speed Booster is one of the most popular apps of its kind. Most importantly, this app has proven to work, which can be seen by its high user rating. This app promises to keep your Android system up and running as smoothly as possible, so let’s see what you can really expect from this app to do for you.

DU Speed Boost comes with a large number of helpful features that are separated into five areas. The main view, called Phone Boost, allows you to easily shut down apps that are running in the background.

This not only frees up RAM memory, but also saves your battery life because of improved CPU performance. After shutting down just a couple of highly-demanding apps, you will feel your phone running better.

Trash Cleaner is designed to scan for junk files that can be safely removed, so you can regain some free space. These can be leftover APK (installation) files or app data for an application that you have already removed. You can remove these files using a file manager, but using an app like this one makes this whole process streamlined, safe and automatic.

Keep your phone smooth, clean and secure with DU Speed Booster!

This feature goes hand in hand with App Manager, which allows you to uninstall unneeded apps. Interestingly enough, DU Speed Booster also comes with a built-in antivirus. This might sound strange at first, but you should know that malware can cause your phone to run slow.

This especially goes for those of you who install a lot of free (ad-supported) apps. The antivirus will scan your phone and automatically remove potentially dangerous files. In case you need to dig a bit deeper, use a Privacy Advisor to see which permissions your apps are using.

Last, but not the least, there’s a Game Booster. I believe this tool to be highly useful for mid-range phones that usually have a hard time running big-name games. By using the Game Booster, DU Speed Booster will allocate more resources to your games so you can get better overall performance.

DU Speed Booster is the most capable system optimizer that does a great job tidying up your Android system and making your phone run as smoothly as possible. Since this app is the number one app in numerous counties like India, Brazil, Indonesia, China, Mexico, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, and Philippines, you can be sure that you downloaded the best possible app for the job. Find on Google Play

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