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Three Blackjack Apps for the iPhone

Three Blackjack Apps for the iPhone

by appsRooster team05/03/2015
If you enjoy playing Blackjack for fun or want to learn how to play one of the most popular card games ever created, there are literally hundreds of apps that you can download. However, not all apps are created equal and only a few can cater to the needs and wants of both beginners and experts of the game.

There are several types of Blackjack out there but you only need to learn the basics in order to know how each variety of the game works. If you are a complete beginner of blackjack, you should first download Blackjack Helper.

Blackjack Helper

Blackjack Helper isn’t just a normal Blackjack app. It’s like a digital manual that can easily be accessed by those who want to learn everything about the game.

The app takes players by the hand and shows them how the card game is played per phase. With Blackjack Helper, players will learn how to split, hit, and even bluff. It also teaches players strategies on how to win even if the decks are stacked against them. The app can be bought for $0.99. (Note: Blackjack Helper is meant to be played as a tutorial so those who want real Blackjack gaming may consider downloading the other two below.)

Blackjack 21 Pro

Blackjack 21 Pro is quite possibly one of the most beautiful Blackjack apps ever developed. It has very realistic graphics, and players are given the freedom to customize the virtual casino’s table and cards.

Blackjack 21 is a bit similar to how Zynga Poker – quite possibly the most successful poker app today – works. It has some social media aspects by allowing players to interact, as well as gives players free daily chips for use at the tables. Like Blackjack Helper, the app has a tutorial for first time players of the game. However, the tutorial shows very basic information and strategy compared to the ones taught on Blackjack Helper. The game can be downloaded for free.

Big Fish Casino

This app is more than just Blackjack. It has poker, roulette, and even slot machines. If you like playing Blackjack but want to take a backseat after a few hours by playing something else, look no further than this all-in-one app. Like Blackjack 21, the Big Fish Casino app has some social aspects, as well as free daily games that can sometimes yield thousands of free gaming chips. New players of the app will get a 100,000 free bonus chips package as some sort of welcome bonus. The app can be played for free.

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