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Things about Gimbals You Will Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

Things about Gimbals You Will Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

by appsRooster team19/05/2017
Do you know what a gimbal is? I’m sure you do since it’s a common piece of equipment that supports a lens allowing you to take clear shots of moving objects. However, here are some basics about the gimbal that you might not know.

A gimbal works like a see-saw

Not only does a gimbal help you take clear photos, you will also have lots of fun doing it. A gimbal head maintains a balance on the lens. When you apply force to the camera end, you will also be able to control movement on the lens head.

If mounted correctly, it should also allow you to effortlessly adjust the direction of the lens using just a finger. One finger!

Gimbals are your best bet when taking aerial photos

If you want to take aerial pictures of wildlife or a wedding, a gimbal is the best equipment that you could use. Simply mount the lens on it before flight, and direct it at the location you’d like to shoot. The gimbal will allow the camera to keep focus as it compensates for the flight. If you regularly take such pictures, investing in this piece of equipment will go a long way.

Most wildlife photographers use gimbals

Most wildlife photographers use lenses that weigh 10lbs or more, making it virtually impossible to hand hold them. Whereas a ballhead would perfect for stationary objects, you will not be able to take good pictures of moving subjects using it. That’s where the gimbal head comes in. Lenses mounted on it are weightless and can move—in time to take a shot of a flying owl. You can also lock it to take pictures of perched birds. Incredible, isn’t it?

Things about Gimbals You Will Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

Rebalancing skills go a long way

To get optimal results, use the gimbal correctly. You should be able to produce good pictures and not damage the gimbal which is quiet expensive. If you aren’t experienced, read the manual and keep practicing until you’re a natural at it. Learn the different lens and cameras that’ll need rebalancing. Also use a level the tripod and head to avoid terrible pictures.

Factors about gimbal heads that you might not have considered before

Gimbal heads are easy to set up and use. However, there are some factors you should keep in mind to keep everything smooth. Please remember:

– Gimbals mount lenses not cameras
– Please don’t buy cheaper versions; what may seem like a good deal may not work very well. Save and buy the best that your money can get you. You’ll appreciate it later.
– Learn how to correctly balance the gear to avoid damaging equipment.
– Ensure that you rebalance your set up after adding or removing items like battery and flash.
– Be careful when shooting in windy conditions as the rig could rotate and lock itself.
– For perfect images, level the tripod every time you use it. It’s equally important to rotate the lens.

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The gimbal is one of the best piece equipment that any photographer could own. Not only will everything seem lighter and effortless, you’ll also produce fantastic pictures! Next time you’re shooting moving items, don’t get stressed about; and if you haven’t bought a gimbal, you could rent one. You’ll see the difference.

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