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The Room Three

The Room Three

by Andrija Nikolic03/03/2016
The Room three is the latest edition of The Room trilogy. Again, people from the Fireproof games studio have created an incredible journey that will take you straight to the verge between the real and mystical.

This time, the action starts with your journey by train. Along with you is a big leather suitcase that hides a dark secret. Once you’ve discovered the secret compartment in the mentioned suitcase and solved the first puzzle, the train enters a tunnel.

At that moment, you will be teleported through a secret door to a mystical facility. Everything is accompanied by amazing graphics and great visual effects. Of course, using headsets is absolutely recommended since it will take your playing experience to the next level.

The Room three is much bigger and longer than the previous titles. There are considerably more clues, riddles and puzzles that have to be solved in order to accomplish your mission. It will keep you hypnotized with such action until its end.

This time, Fireproof studio has expanded the complexity of puzzles comparing to the previous titles on the whole new level. It will stretch your brain that will hurt you!
Luckily, there is a hint button that may help you a bit to release your stress. The hint mechanism has good timing and it’s pretty well balanced.

Sometimes you will be so stressed because of the fact that you can’t solve a puzzle! Without it, you can’t get access into another secret room or compartment. But again, once you solve it you’ll get new instructions on the path to another riddle. Something like Nicolas Cage in a “National treasure” movie.

But, also, after each solved clue or a puzzle, a big amount of endorphin will make you feel like a hero. And that’s why I love this game so much.

Bottom line

I can’t imagine what will it look like once it meets the VR glasses. It will be probably a great combination of pure madness and excitement.
The game becomes a bit harder near the end when puzzle mechanics become even more complex. Since my daughter created her profile for The Room three I have been called many times to help her to solve some of the last chapters. All in all, this game is big fun for the whole family. Everyone who likes this kind of games should give it a try since it is the top notch of this genre. App Store Link

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  • Thomas
    10/03/2016 at 14:04

    The Room games for iPad are something best I ever played! Can’t imagine how 4th game will look like.

  • Sandra Key
    10/03/2016 at 14:11

    It’s not bad but I have expected some fresh stuff in The room 3. Many of puzzles are already seen in previous titles. It’s still good game and worth of downloading.

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