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The Best Apps to Help You Save Money [2017]

The Best Apps to Help You Save Money [2017]

by Novak Bozovic25/08/2016
Keeping track of personal finances can be harder than it seems. On top of that, saving some money and setting it aside can even be more difficult since it requires from you to have your personal finances kept in check. Luckily, there is digital help out there, with numerous iOS and Android apps ready to help you build a positive savings habit.

We are bringing you a list of the most useful apps that can train you and encourage building a new positive habit. All of the following apps are available free of charge, because we don’t want you to spend any money, but instead to save it.

Tip Yourself

Tip Yourself is an iOS-only app that comes with an interesting philosophy on how to save money and build a positive habit. The app motivates you to set some money aside when you reach certain life goals, providing a much needed motivation to strive towards something positive.

To set-up a profile, you will need to enter your online banking information and confirm your account. After that, you will get a digital “Tip Jar” that fills with deposits that you can easily track. This way, you can tip yourself every time you go the gym, or every time you avoid smoking a cigarette. As you will be setting aside some money, you can treat yourself at the end of a month for your effort.

Tip Yourself even comes with a vibrant community of mind-like savers, so you can share your tips and encourage others to do the same. Having positive feedback is very important towards building a healthy habit, so having someone to cheer for you cannot be a bad thing.

Tip Yourself

Money Box

Money Box is a goal-oriented savings app that lets you visualize your goals. Simply create a new entry, where you can (for example) set a goal of saving for a new computer. You can select your bank account and saving frequency. This way, some money will be withdrawn from your account every week and you will get a reminder.

Keep in mind that just like with other electronic piggy banks, you will need to create your own separate savings account to fund your goals.

Users are able to keep track of their goals, sorting them by due date or alphabetically, as well as using different currencies.

Money Box


Clink is a bit more advanced savings app that also works as an investment platform. You will see this during the set-up screen, where you need to pick a kind of portfolio you strive for. You can strive for very conservative (70% stock / 30% bond), up to very aggressive portfolio (20% bond / 80% stock).

Click will automatically invest in Exchange Traded Funds that match your desired rate of return. Users are able to keep close track of their money under the Savings Management tap, where they can fine-tune their investments and savings. There are even bonuses of $5 for each referred user that registered to use the app.

As you can see, you need to be acquainted with some of the banking terminology. In addition, keep in mind that there may be some tax consequences when you decide to withdraw money from your account.



At some point in life, we all crave for a personal assistant that can help us organize our lives. As you know, there are financial experts whose job is to help you control your financial habits. However, there are digital assistants that can also offer some help, free of charge.

Best Apps to Help  you Save Money

Penny is your personal finance app that provides interaction as if you’re having a conversation with a real human being. The app keeps track of your spending and income, and provides helpful insights and advices.

Users interact with the app by asking a question, as you get an answer in return. For example, if you ask Penny how the month is going, you will get a comparison of the current and previous month. You will also be praised if you keep spending less money, or if you decide to cancel some subscriptions.


Bottom Line

As you can see, there is an app for every possible type of user. If you’re a casual iOS user who would like to build a new habit, go for Tip Yourself. If you crave for something more serious, Clink can provide a path toward your goals. Finally, Penny is there if you need a user-friendly way to control your finances and cut those unneeded expenses. The solution is here, and it’s only one download from the App Store away.

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  • Jim Wong
    30/05/2017 at 16:51

    My 50 cents, just spend less then you earning and you’ll be fine.
    There is no app or whatever that will save you bankruptcy if you spending too much money.

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