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The Architecture of Radio

The Architecture of Radio

by Andrija Nikolic27/02/2016
From the invention of the first radio, we’ve been living, more or less, surrounded by electromagnetic waves. The rapid growth of technology in the second half of 20th century has increased tremendously the number of a variety of electromagnetic signals that surround us.

The Architecture of Radio is a data visualization app, based on global open datasets of cell tower, Wi-Fi and satellite locations.

Today, each person on the earth has a mobile phone and almost each house has a Wi-Fi router.
Occupied with our daily routines and tasks, we don’t think much about that invisible world called infosphere.
It is a world that relies on an intricate network of wired and wireless signals all around us.

Thanks to Richard Vijgen. who’s developed Architecture of Radio application, it is possible to visualize that data and the amazing world of electromagnetic waves.

According to the developer, Architecture of Radio is based on global open datasets of cell towers, Wi-Fi’s and satellite locations.
Based on your GPS location, the app shows a 360 degrees’ visualization of signals around you. The dataset includes almost 7 million cell towers, 19 million Wi-Fi routers and hundreds of satellites.

When I opened Architecture of Radio app for the first time, I felt huge excitement. For me, it was an amazing moment when I started to see with my own eyes the signal of satellites and cell towers signals.

But, a few moments after that first wow effect I figured out that something was missing. I wasn’t able to find many signals from the Wi-Fi routers around me, although my phone registered more than 15 with the strongest signal.

I spent some time spinning around moving the phone up and down desperately trying to catch the signal from some of dozen neighbor routers. Unfortunately, nothing happened. Only tens of cell towers emitted blocks of electromagnetic radiation.

The next thing that came to me was the fact how much our living and work space is polluted with electromagnetic waves that we do not realize.
While some people don’t care much about it, some others think of it as a big problem.

Maybe you already know this, but you can find accommodation in the wild that is promoted as “electromagnetic waves free space, without cell towers and Wi-Fi routers”.
For the others, (including me) living today would be impossible without modern communications and the internet.

A few days later, Richard Vijgen explained to me that the visualization is based on global datasets and Wi-Fi data do not have the same details in every geographical location. That’s why all those Wi-Fi routers were missing from my sight.

Also, he mentioned that Architecture of Radio isn’t a measuring tool, it is more a kind of entertainment and education application. The one that will help you to get the visualization of the invisible electromagnetic world, as well as to show us a different approach and another perspective of the world we’re living in.

Anyway, the concept of the app is really awesome and I was wondering during the review, what the greatest geek of the modern world – Nikola Tesla would have said about Architecture of Radio.
Probably something like: “Now you see!”

The app is available both on Google Play and AppStore. It is not free of charge, but definitely, it is worth buying.
If I succeeded in tickling your imagination with this text even for a moment, use this links to download Architecture of Radio.

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