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Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft Will Power Our Future!

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft Will Power Our Future!

by Novak Bozovic15/07/2016
Hardly anyone can deny Microsoft’s role in building our digital world. However, the most important company in the world has lost some of its users and is now battling against other tech giants when it comes to both innovation and consumer products.

However, the new Microsoft is directed towards building more intelligent apps and services, where the company’s future seems bright once again.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has expressed his fascination with HoloLens, the company’s most exciting product in years. Even though it will take some time until we see the full potential of this platform, we can already see what it’s capable of. After all, HoloLens is highly futuristic, innovative, and intelligent – and this is exactly what the new Microsoft hopes to become.

What is important to consider is how different tech giants are trying to implement the next-generation technology into their products and services. For example, Facebook has turned to chat bots and created their own development platform. Google has announced a new highly intelligent assistant within a new messenger app called Allo.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s physical/digital assistant Echo is growing rapidly by allowing easy integration with other services. Those who decided to purchase Echo as soon as it came out were somewhat limited, but this obstacle was soon removed. Amazon Echo is now in 3 million homes and has added 1,200 new functions through its API.

Finally, this tech giant has all the tools necessary for a big push into a new field of artificial intelligence.

Each of these companies are specialized in a certain field. For example, while Facebook wants to improve its social platform by introducing messenger chat bots, Google wants to find a way to incorporate its numerous services into a product that will find a way into our lives. However, Microsoft has much larger plans and is ready to cooperate.

Microsoft has been steadily growing its AI division, focusing on merging mobile and desktop environment. By knowing that the percentage of web traffic from mobile devices has never exceeded desktop traffic, it’s easy to understand why this company seems reluctant to push into the smartphone market.

The company’s head of AI division Qi Lu recently said that users don’t really want to download apps for some tasks, which is why artificial intelligence could soon overcome the way we use smartphones these days. “Our industry hasn’t found an experience platform that can unleash the entire value of mobile and the cloud”, he says. “Apps, fundamentally, are not the right model”.

What is important to understand when it comes to artificial intelligence and the way it will power our future is that only Microsoft seems to be in the right position. Companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon will definitely contribute, but Microsoft is the only one with highly developed key assets. These are Windows, Office, Skype, and Cortana.

Analysts agreed on the fact that only Facebook seems to have access to a huge social graph, but Microsoft’s got on the bandwagon as well. The company recently announced that it will spend $26.2 billion to acquire LinkedIn, along with its 433 million registered users.

Bottom line

During the last 10 years, we have seen an enormous push into all technological fields. Just try to remember how Windows and OS X looked like 10 years ago, and you can’t remember how an iPhone looked like because it was still under development. With this said, it is clear that one decade is an awful lot of time in the IT sector. We can only imagine how our everyday lives will look like in 2026.

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