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Taylor Swift joined the game

Taylor Swift joined the game

by Andrija Nikolic03/03/2016
Taylor Swift, a famous pop singer and the mobile development studio Glu mobile have announced their partnership for a new mobile game.

It’s not the first time that Glu mobile works alongside with stars like Kim Kardashian or Britney Spears. This business model was confirmed as very successful and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game generated amazing $43 millions in just first three months.

Everyone knows about Taylor Swift great social network fan base that includes 74 million fans on Facebook, almost 71 million on Twitter and nearly 65 million on Instagram. This will be a very important momentum for the game success.

In case that just 10% of her fans download the game, it will be 20 million downloads in the first few weeks. The game will use in-app purchase model for monetization and earnings for the first month could be more than 10 Million dollars.
Probably the investors have the same numbers in mind. Just shortly after the information about partnership was revealed, Glu mobile stocks have risen for more than 32% and are now worth $2.67 value per share!

At this moment, details about the game are not available. But, Niccolo de Masi a Glu Mobile CEO has said:

Glu is equally committed to designing never before seen gameplay elements that utilize Taylor’s unique creativity. Accordingly, we will spend the required development time to ensure this innovation is achieved.

Taylor Swift has already sold more than 40 million albums and has more than 130 million songs downloaded and it will be really interesting to see the results of this fusion between the popular singer and the top-notch game development studio.

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