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Tame Your Phone’s Battery Life Using DU Battery Saver

Tame Your Phone’s Battery Life Using DU Battery Saver

by Andrija Nikolic24/04/2016
Many of us are struggling with battery life on our phones. Even though it’s great that we get to use capable apps that can really help us do more, as well as to play action-packed big-name games, all of this has a negative impact on our battery life.

One of the solutions that many pick is an external battery, or a battery pack. This could be a good way to quickly recharge the phone on the go, but I am sure many will agree that this is not the most convenient solution.
When it comes to Android phones, users can choose from a wide range of battery saving applications.

Even though these apps promise to prolong your phone’s battery life, most of them are adware. This is why you should only download those battery management apps that have proven to work.

Extend your battery life by up to 50% so you can do more with your phone!

In this article, we will tell you about an app called DU Battery Saver, which is one of the most popular apps of its kind. Even though it brings the same functionality as majority of similar apps, this application has proven to work and even goes one step further by offering highly advanced tools to optimize your phone’s battery life. Continue reading for the full info.

The app brings a nicely designed UI, which follows the latest trends in flat design. You will typically land on the Battery page, which is where you will see a summary of battery stats, including the current charge level, temperature, and voltage.

This is where you will see a button which says “Optimize”, which is an automatic way to find problematic processes and kill them in order to stop further battery drain.

In case you are interested in a detailed report, the Saver section is where you want to go. Here you can manually optimize an app, and set up a range of preferences. For example, you can create different modes, which work like power profiles on your computer.

The free version of the app (which is ad-supported) brings only limited functionality of this section, so you will need the PRO version to fully unlock it. The PRO version is priced at $2.99, which definitely sounds like a great deal.

When below 20 percent, the app enables fast charging and uses the full voltage. Once nearly full, it lowers the voltage to avoid overcharging.

I would also like to pinpoint another part of DU Battery Saver, that I think is highly useful for any Android phone owner. This is the Smart section, which lists all your available apps and processes, where you can configure which ones are draining your battery the most.

When it comes to features you won’t find in other apps, DU Battery Saver comes with a guide on how to prolong your battery’s life by charging properly. By enabling this mode, the app will use different charging methods.

Bottom line

DU Battery Saver is the most downloaded apps in several countries like India, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, America, Thailand, Russia, Egypt, and Vietnam. The app has shown tremendous success on mid-range phones, by expending their battery lives up to 50 percent.

These reasons alone are why I highly recommend downloading this app, and trying it out for yourself. I am sure it will find its way on your phone’s home screen. Find it on Google Play

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