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System Info – Device Information Should Be Your Go-To App

System Info – Device Information Should Be Your Go-To App

by Novak Bozovic23/01/2017
Applications designed to scan and show your smartphone’s detailed specs are usually associated with Android-powered devices. One of the biggest issues for Android is its high fragmentation, making it very hard to exactly know your phone’s specs.

However, iOS users have access to this kind of apps as well, which can be very informative and helpful at times.

This is a good way to tell if your phone has ever been jailbroken, as well as to ensure that your phone is in its original state. Continue reading to learn more.

There are numerous “system information” apps on the iOS App Store, where many of them are free of charge. However, it is always a good idea to spend a couple of dollars in order to get an application that will show you more details.

One of those apps is called System Info – Device Information

The app can be yours for only $0.99, and it comes without any in-app purchase options. Note that the app is currently 50 percent off, so this is the best time to download it.

System Info – Device Information is a very simple app, where you don’t have to be an expert to understand presented information. However, this is not a simple app when it comes to its functionality due to sheer volume of collected data.

Here’s how the app works

Upon the initial launch, you will be presented with the Overview screen, where you can find easy-to-read information about your device. This includes information related to your device’s name, host name, CPU, memory, as well as detailed information about operating system. Data is nicely presented through graphs and detailed subdivisions.

The bottom-positioned toolbar brings four additional segments: Hardware, Disk, Memory, and CPU. While the Overview screen shows lots of quick information, each of the subsequent screens show in-depth analysis.

For example, the Hardware view will provide info about your phone’s hardware specs like its internals as well as about the screen, including its resolution and brightness.

This is also a good way to see which iOS features are enabled, which depends on an iPhone model. The Disk shows your phone’s used and free disk space, numerically and visually as well.

There are two tools left: Memory and CPU. These tools, or views, are very important to anyone who’s concerned about security and privacy. System Info – Device Information shows all processes running on the device with information about apps and other “ad hoc” processes.

Bottom line

This is where you can look for missing or enhanced processes, which are usually caused by a jailbreak. This also creates a way for malware to infect your iOS device, which is why Apple is strongly against tempering with iOS original code.

Sadly, the app doesn’t show any explanation about which processes are missing, so you will have to search online for that kind of information.

System Info – Device Information delivers on its promises by showing you lots of useful data. In addition, the app runs smoothly and seems to be well-optimized. If you need detailed info about your iPhone, this should be your go-to app.

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