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Spark Pro is The Ultimate iOS Video Editor

Spark Pro is The Ultimate iOS Video Editor

by Novak Bozovic25/08/2016
The best aspect of Vine, aside from its whole concept, is its tap-to-shoot interface. Thanks to this small, but very important innovation, iOS and Android users are able to transform home movies into small films.

However, Vine requires from you to upload those clips online, which is not what many people want. This is why we can see numerous similar apps that are creating and storing Vine-like videos to your phone.

Spark Pro is an app that provides simple movie-making functionality, without the obligation to share them. But, the app goes one step further in simplifying its UI, as well as simplifying the entire concept behind applying video filters and editing. Continue reading to learn more about how this app looks like, as well as what you can expect from it.

Spark Pro’s interface is ingeniously simple and beautiful to look it. The UI is a blend of colorful shapes and icons, which clearly represent different tools. Right from the launch screen, the app is ready to be used since you will see a viewfinder and “a can’t miss” camera button.

Just like Vine, Spark Pro uses a “press to hold” approach where you see how much you can record. Its videos are limited to 45 seconds, and there is a circular line that shows how much time left you have.

Once finished with recording, you are prompted with two options: you can either play your movie or try out one of the included video filters.

Spark from IDEO on Vimeo.

While most video editing apps bring filters, you often have to wait at least a couple of seconds until they render. This is not the case with Spark Pro, since there are no rendering or waiting periods.

Simply tap on a circular button at the bottom of the screen, which represents different filters, and you are ready to go.

Editing is also another great aspect of Spark Pro. A scissors icon is where you can find the editing capabilities. You will see all your clips at the bottom of the screen, similarly to how different video filters are represented.

Tap and drag to rearrange the clips and tap on a clip to trim it. You will once again see Spark’s circular timeline for scrubbing the clip.

Spark Pro is The Ultimate iOS Video Editor

Once you’re happy with your clips, you can add music or play around with different filters. A save button will send your video creation to your camera roll, but you can also decide to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks.

Bottom line

Spark Pro is one of the best video editors out there, and on top of that – it’s free of charge! It even doesn’t come with any in-app purchase options, so you will receive the entire app’s content.

What is also significant to be mentioned is that the app records videos in full 1080p resolution, without any restrictions. You just won’t find these features in other video editors. Head over to the iOS App Store and try out Spark Pro. You definitely won’t regret it.

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