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SPARK: I start to love my emails again

SPARK: I start to love my emails again

by Andrija Nikolic09/01/2016
The king is death, long live the king! This sentence describing changes on the email apps throne that just happening as Mailbox will vanish from the App Store in few weeks.

But I don’t care much about it. Actually, I have chosen Spark instead Mailbox from the start (since Gmail isn’t my primary email and I have few more accounts that aren’t Gmail to keep my eye on).

At the same time, I give the chance to Outlook and few other apps but after few days of extensive testing just one of them have left on my phone – SPARK. It was about six months ago and it’s still my default email app.

SPARK unifying all my emails from different mailboxes that I’m using into one list and sort them with Smart Inbox function – keeps everything clean and clear at one place.
It automatically detects if an email is my personal email, a notification or a newsletter. With just a glance, I can see if emails are important for me or they are just annoying announcements from some service I’ve never used.

The Snoozing function is also extremely useful. It’s the kind of my virtual personal assistant that reminds me to replay some important emails that I left behind.
For communication with my team or friends, I’m often using one-tap quick replay option to send just a “Thanks” or “Like”.

Creating a new email is incredibly fast, simple and easy. Adding attachments from Dropbox is easy and fast too. But it can be connected with Google Drive, OneDrive, Readability, Pocket, Evernote or OneNote. Also, attachment from received email can be saved to one of those cloud drives that you are using.

Personalization is another great stuff that I like very much. Comparing SPARK to some other email apps (including Apple stock email app), I feel like it is developed just for me. No kidding.

There are a bunch more features that I’m not using. For example, it can be connected with Apple Watch but since I don’t have it I don’t want to comment it.

Above all, SPARK is absolutely free to download from AppStore so there is no reason to not give it to try. It is probably the best email app that you can find on the app store. App Store

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