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Slots – Pharaoh’s Fire (Game review)

Slots – Pharaoh’s Fire (Game review)

by Andrija Nikolic23/07/2015
Before I start this review I’d like to tell you a story about a young man that went out to hang around with his friend.

It was very hot summer day 20 years ago. Daylight was slightly fadeout when those two young fellas find themselves how standing in a front of a biggest city casino. They both were nineteen years old and it wasn’t a problem for them to get in.

Beautiful brunet hostess welcome them and invite to try luck on one of many of slot machines. Casino was full of people and music was loud. Strong will to try just one hand and left casino to meet them friends was ruined once first round of cold beers comes.

As you may predict they were lucky and won first round. Second was also successful. Feeling of excitement, wins and loses were changing round by round, hour by hour. Once they left out of chips and slot machine spins one last time for that night they finished drinks and goes out of the casino – Birds were singing and sun was high on the blue sky.

I don’t know about my friend but I wasn’t play slot machine anymore till now when I installed Slots – Pharaoh’s Fire on my testing devices.

After the first spin I felt almost the same excitement as I did that night. I must admit that Slots – Pharaoh’s Fire HD graphics is amazing as well as sound effects and background music. Navigation through the game is simple and intuitive and embedded mini game makes your won even bigger.

For some player’s payouts are too small but I’d like to say that they are realistic and well balanced. After all this isn’t real casino! It is just a game that simulates excitement you may feel playing on some real slot machine and nothing else.

Gameplay is excellent and after a week of testing it still keeps me excited and that’s explaining why Slots – Pharaoh’s Fire have close to 20 MILLION PLAYERS all over the globe.


Easy to play with multiple convenient features, amazing bonuses and game design by casino professionals, fast reel stop and individual reel stop and Auto play.

In conclusion:

That night we lost about 50$ but now you can feel same excitement from the safe distance right on your mobile device. So, if you are curious about this game and your luck, give it to try. It is free to download both from App Store and Google Play.

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