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Simple Planes

Simple Planes

by Andrija Nikolic03/03/2016
Simple planes is a great way to learn the basic principles of flight. From the time of our being, long before Daedalus and Icarus humans have looked up in the sky, dreaming about flying. In all attempts to fly, many have sacrificed their lives. Man will never fly without Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions or the dedication and passion of the Wright brothers.

Today, we can learn to fly in a much comfortable and safe way using a Simple Plane app. It is a flying simulator game but with a totally different approach from other simulator games, because of the possibility to project and craft your own plane with just snapping parts.

Maybe it sounds simple and easy but, there isn’t anything simple here, except for the game title.

Crafting a plane asks for some skills and knowledge of aerodynamics with basics of flying. So, don’t be too disappointed if your airplane crashes or even if it can’t fly up in its first attempt.

My suggestion for you is to start using the already assembled models and make a few turns before you start crafting your airplane. When you are ready, there is a school where you can learn all the necessary things about crafting, flying, combat missions and dogfight. The blog will help you to learn the basics of real airplane design and the considerations that need to be taken into account when airplanes are made.

You’ll be able to design your own wings, shape the fuselage, customize propeller engines, and more. There are tools to help you to bring any aircraft to life.
Each change that you make in design will affect airplane abilities. But, it can also improve it in many ways from its speed to altitude of flying.
Pay attention to details and follow the instructions and after some time, you may successfully craft your flying machine.

Thanks to the game big community there are more than 50.000 of planes that are free to download. From WW2 warbirds, civilian aircraft, next-generation fighters, and many more.
Once you master airplane crafting you can upload your plane and share it with others so they can also give it a try. After some time of crafting, you may become Bronze, Silver or Gold builder.

Playing Simple Planes during the testing was a great pleasure for me. When I was a kid at elementary school I attended aircraft modeling course and I built many planes. But at that time, it was impossible to test models and their abilities to fly. Luckily, with Simple

Bottom line

Planes flying simulator each boy’s dreams can come through and that is awesome. It is a great advantage of this application over the old style aircraft modeling. Simple Planes price of 4.99$ is more than fair for such an amazing flying and crafting simulator. In my opinion, because of its complexity, app can be played for months or even years.
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