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RippleBuds: The First Bluetooth Headset to Block out Noise

RippleBuds: The First Bluetooth Headset to Block out Noise

by Novak Bozovic01/09/2016
Those of you who use Bluetooth headsets know how unreliable they can be. Even though they are the best solution when it comes to making phone calls while driving, they usually provide a very frustrating experience. The biggest problem here is the outside noise which is transmitted to the headset microphone, making it hard for your voice to be heard. However, it seems that this will soon be the matter of the past.

RippleBuds are much better when it comes to reducing background noise thanks to their innovative technology. This product was featured both on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, where it managed to surpass its goal and is currently ahead of production. Let’s see what this product is all about.

Having been developed since 2012, when electronic engineer Dusik Shin (from South Korea) decided to overcome limitations of his hands-free calling, RippleBuds are the subject of over a hundred registered or pending patents in nine countries.

Different from other Bluetooth headsets, RippleBuds pick up sound waves that come out of your ear canal as you speak. There is a tiny microphone embedded in the earpiece itself that does the trick. However, there is much more than that, since the patented technology prevents echo and howling even though the speaker-driver and microphone are being so close together.

In addition, RippleBuds will offer five hours of talk time when fully charged, but they also come with a recharging capsule. This means that you do not have to be close to a power source once these earbuds run out of power. The recharging capsule looks like a case which provides up to 3 or 6 cycles of full recharges, depending on which model you decide to buy.

There is a mono headset as well as a stereo headset where you receive two pieces. This depends on whether you plan to listen to music, or you just need a headset for making calls.

RippleBuds: The First Bluetooth Headset to Block out Noise

However, no matter which version you pick, you will receive five sizes of ear-pads to provide maximum fit for users’ ear canals of all sizes. Furthermore, they are sweat-proof and washable, which adds another layer of usability, making sure that fitness-enthusiasts are not left behind.

You will be able to connect these earbuds to your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth 4.1 up to 30ft (10m) of wireless range. To help minimize accidental loss, your phone will be able to send notifications if they get too far away from a paired smartphone.

When it comes to RippleBuds launch date, it seems that you will have to wait a bit longer for your new Bluetooth headset since the product has been delayed recently. Originally slated for September, the mono version will be ready to ship sometime in October, but the stereo version won’t be ready until late this year (December).

When it comes to the price, RippleBuds are not very cheap. The suggested retail price for the mono headphone is $129, while the stereo pair comes in at $179. Still, you will get your money’s worth since you cannot find a similar product out there.

RippleBuds on INDIEGOGO

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