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Pop the Lock (Game review)

Pop the Lock (Game review)

by Andrija Nikolic19/09/2015

Checking the AppStore has been one of my morning routines in the past five or six years. I’m really intent on stopping this habit because it once ruined my day and it almost got me divorced as I forgot to go to the grocery shop and buy stuff for my daughter’s birthday party. This Saturday morning I did my App Store check right from the bed.

I saw a new game that reached the first place for less than a week. I thought to myself: “What the hell is so good with this game and why are there so many ratings?!” The first frustration for me was the fact that there was no any tutorial to explain to you how to play. It took me more than 10 minutes to figure out how it works.

Once you run the game and make the first tap, you need to make the second one and match the right spot on the screen. If you do it correctly, you will open the lock and go to the upper level. If not, you’ll have a next attempt to do it right.

I have to say that for me Pop The Lock is the most frustrating game after Flappy Bird, but this is the catch! You will be hooked on clever game play just like that! Once you’re in, it will be really hard for a player to stop playing.

In conclusion:

In conclusion: Guys from Simple Machine have developed an amazing casual game. It is a perfect time killer with a well balanced game play and great game mechanics. Once again, the game which looks simple but has an awesome gameplay, deserves to get on top of the app world. App Store Link

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