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Poker Live Omaha & Texas (Game review)

Poker Live Omaha & Texas (Game review)

by appsRooster team26/10/2015

If enjoy playing card games such as Black Jack Live Casino, you can try your luck playing Poker Live Omaha & Texas, the game that is made in the same kitchen.
Yes, you are right: both games have a very similar (or identical) user interface but, this fact really doesn’t matter since both are placed in a casino and everything is about your playing experience and luck, of course.

“Every game is fresh, new and exciting because it’s a mix of folks there that makes this so social. So come and join the fun, you never know who you’ll meet.”

In case you are a novice player, do not worry. There is a special feature called ‘Hand Strength Meter’ that will discreetly show you your cards’ strength. Something like an invisible friend that will help you to learn some basic Poker rules.
Once you figure out how to play Poker Live Omaha & Texas you can ignore it and listen to your instinct.

Challenging friends, making new ones, swapping cocktails and dressing up in amazing outfits is something that puts some magic dust into the game.

There are hundreds of tables, VIP privilege suites, tournaments and challenges all with Guest and Facebook sign in options.
In breaks between two tournaments, you can play some built- in mini games such as Scratch ’n Match and Lucky wheel to try your hand at winning up to millions of chips!

In conclusion:

This is a seriously smart game with a good appealing user interface and authentic multiplayer Vegas style. Interested in Poker Live Omaha & Texas?
Click on the app store icon below and download it now.

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