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Pokémon Go is The Newest Mobile Game Craze

Pokémon Go is The Newest Mobile Game Craze

by Novak Bozovic13/07/2016
After several delays, Pokémon Go is finally available to iOS and Android users, free of charge. Even though the game has been recently launched, it spread like wildfire over the last couple of days, leaving everyone wondering what this game is all about.

If you’re confused by how this game works, or if you are looking for some tips on how to become a Pokémon master, continue reading to learn more.

Pokémon Go is a game with one very distinctive feature that sets it apart from the rest of the series. Augmented reality is the bestselling aspect here, with users having to hunt adorable cartoon creatures in real time and in real world. The core of the game is in its story.

As a teenage boy or girl, you have to look for hundreds of critters in your home town and then train them to battle against other creatures. This maybe sounds complicated, but Pokémon Go is a very simple game in its core.

In order to catch Pokémon, you have to walk around your city with the app open on your phone, which will make a sound once it “detects” a nearby creature. Prior to this, what you’ll see on your phone is a map interface, so you can exactly see where you need to go. Tapping on the Pokémon on the map will make the interface switch to the catching phase, which is where augmented reality kicks in.

What is interesting to mention is that different Pokémon can be found in different places, which is why it’s important not to stick to one place. It can be easy to see how challenging this game can be if you live in a larger city. On top of that, some characters can be found in rare places and some cities can have access to a predefined set of Pokémon.

This kind of combination of fiction and reality is quite interesting. Suddenly, your local coffee shop can become a place to look for cartoonish creatures. This is also a good way to meet fellow Pokémon masters in real world. Thanks to augmented reality, these small creatures look like actual guests in our homes and other nearby places.

Catching a Pokémon can be thrilling and nerve-wrecking, but this is only where the fun begins. It is up to you to train your Pokémon and make them fight with others in order to survive and reach higher levels. You can also try searching for eggs, but you’ll need to walk 5 kilometers in order for a Pokémon to hatch from it. Since there’s no way to cheat your way around this by taking a car ride, Pokémon Go can be a motivation to do some exercise.

We have seen numerous games that managed to capture everyone’s attention, but only a few of them managed to build a vibrant community of gamers. Pokémon Go is on the right track and it will most definitely bring a whole new gaming genre that relies on augmented reality. Download this amazing game and give it a try yourself.

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