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Pokémon GO Earns Estimated $200 Million in First Month

Pokémon GO Earns Estimated $200 Million in First Month

by Novak Bozovic16/08/2016
Pokémon GO has taken over the world by storm, which isn’t surprising. However, what is surprising is how much money its developers are getting from this game.

App analytics platform Sensor Tower has revealed that Pokémon GO managed to get $200 million in net revenue from fans all over the world. The game has turned out to be a massive success for both Nintendo and Niantic, the two companies behind this game.

In comparison to other massively popular titles, Pokémon GO managed to double the first month revenue of Clash Royale, but it also managed to make four times as much as Candy Crush managed during its first 30 days of availability.

A recently surfaced reports noted that Pokémon GO has more active users than Snapchat or WhatsApp, which tells us that millions of players are actively playing this game. What this also means is that the competition is getting tough, making players spend money to store, train, hatch, and battle.

This is how millions of dollars are being transferred from players to Nintendo. Still, it’s interesting to note that Nintendo actually earns the smallest portion out of all companies tied to development and distribution of Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO was developed by Niantic, which was spun off into an independent company in 2015 when Google restructured itself. Later on, the company formed a $30 million deal with Nintendo and Pokémon Company, which is a joined venture developed to license Pokémon characters. There are also Apple and Google, which are taking a cut out of in-store purchases.

This is how much different parties are getting, at least in the iOS app ecosystem: Out of every 100 units earned through the App Store, 30 is going to Apple, 30 is going to Niantic, 30 is going to the Pokémon Company, and only 10 is going to Nintendo. This way, even though Pokémon GO has earned more than $200 million, Apple has earned three times more from the title than Nintendo did.

Still, developers are pointing out that this arrangement sounds fair enough. A 30 percent cut for Niantic helps fund the game’s further development, while Nintendo and the Pokémon Company are getting their money for their intellectual property.

As Sensor Tower also notes, there is a long way ahead for Pokémon GO. Just like the game experienced a huge spike in revenue generation the day it launched in Japan, the same is expected to happen for some other markets. Japan is the origin country of this franchise, so it’s natural to assume that this is where the game has the most engaged and loyal following. There are several large markets where the game isn’t available yet, like Korea, India, and China.

Bottom line

This means that this title will most likely continue to spike in revenue, as well as to create an even bigger gap between its closest competitors.
In case you still haven’t tried Pokémon GO, head over to your platform’s App Store and download it free of charge. We are sure you’re going to enjoy it.

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