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Pavlok “Shock Clock” Wakes You Up with an Electric Shock

Pavlok “Shock Clock” Wakes You Up with an Electric Shock

by Andrija Nikolic22/04/2016
With numerous amazingly useful smartwatches hitting the market, it is no surprise that wearables are in high demand. Companies are trying to make profit out of this situation by offering very different kinds of wearables, where some are pretty strange.

When we speak about these peculiar devices, one of the first things that I remember is the original Pavlok band, released about two years ago. This wearable band delivered electric shock to its users in order to permanently change their attitude and behavior. Interestingly enough, the Pavlok band raised $283,626 via Indiegogo before going into production, making it a huge success.

”Wake up sleepy head… it’s time to go to the gym.” — “Put down those chips!” — “Stop wasting time on Facebook.”

This band works by training your brain to avoid bad or negative behavior, like smoking cigarettes or eating unhealthy food. Now, two years later, the company behind this wearable states that it helped thousands of users to get rid of bad habits.

Furthermore, there is another Indiegogo campaign active right now, started by the same company that created the Pavlok band. The Shock Clock is a wearable alarm clock that uses electric shocks to wake you up in the morning. The idea behind this product is the same as with the previous one, since it tries to train your brain to become averse to pain and to accept waking up before the electric shock occurs.

Shock Clock works with an app, which will be available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The app can be used to set up alarm as well as to choose the preferred way of getting you out of your bed. By default, the band will start waking you with a discreet vibration, which then turns into a loud beeping sound and ends up with an electric shock.

As it can be seen, you will be given two opportunities to wake up and get out of your bed before being administered with a painful treatment.

The currently active Indiegogo campaign has already reached its goal of $1,000. As you probably know, this amount of money isn’t enough for the product to be fully developed. This is because the company is using the crowdfunding website as a marketing campaign, which I must admit is a genius move.

The Shock Clock is already fully developed and ready to be shipped, where the campaign gives you an opportunity to preorder it at a lower price. An early bird price was $79, but it’s no longer available. The lowest price is now $89, which is 10% off of the final product.

The company stated that if it hits $50,000 on Indiegogo, the Shock Clock will come with upgraded features that should match the features found on the original Pavlok band.

Bottom line

If you can’t seem to get out of your bed in the morning, waking up with an electric shock might not be the worst idea out there. After all, decades of aversion therapy research are behind this product which has already proven to be successful with a large number of individuals.

The Shock Clock should be ready for shipping in September.

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