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Paint Your Way Through Puzzles in Time Drop

Paint Your Way Through Puzzles in Time Drop

by Novak Bozovic11/04/2016
I am always on the lookout for the next great puzzle game. Since I like to take my iPhone and play a game for a couple of minutes when I have some spare time, bite-sized games seem like a perfect choice. Luckily for me, the iOS App Store offers an amazing variety of puzzles – everything from 3D optical illusions, up to classical match-three puzzles.

A couple of days back, I encountered a game called Time Drop. This is a free puzzle game, with in-app purchase options, about matching a number of like-colored drops. Just like every interesting puzzle, it does have a background story and it guides you through different eras so you don’t get bored of repeating somewhat similar levels.
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The UI design of this app is simplistic, but very easy on the eyes. You will be greeted by the main screen, which is where you pick levels to play. The UI seems very intuitive, without multiple screens and hidden in-app stores. The app will show you a small window explaining the back story and you can jump onto the first level right away.

A couple of these initial levels will show you the ropes. The game will start out very slowly, but soon you will find yourself surrounded by complex levels that truly test your concentration and attention to details.

The goal of each level is essentially the same. You will be presented with a grid of colored drops that need to be connected. Your goal is to reach a required score by dragging your finger across like-colored drops that are positioned in adjacent fields.

You can drag vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, but you can also combine these moves as well. Not long after that, you will be presented with special power-ups and bonuses, as well as special moves when you collect a number of like-colored “power drops”.

Time Drop currently features about 150 levels, which means that you’ll spend hours playing this game. Additionally, the replay value is really high, since the levels come with various objectives, so you can earn up to three cans of paint (or stars).

As I mentioned previously, Time Drop is a free-to-play game. This means that you can download it for free, but it contains in-app purchase options. The first time I launched the app, I was greeted with a special bonus, which actually wasn’t even free.

The bottom line here is that you have several available lives that are regenerated over time, so you have to purchase coins if you want to speed this up. The game does spike up in difficulty at a certain moment, forcing you to buy additional coins. However, you can still play and enjoy this game without spending any real money if you’re patient enough.

Bottom line

Time Drop comes with a lot of potential to be a truly fun and addictive game. However, forced in-app purchase options are what leaves a negative impression here. Because of this, I recommend this game to those of you who are patient enough, even though I always encourage spending a couple of dollars if you truly find this game interesting.
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