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nRadio: Not just another Internet Radio app

nRadio: Not just another Internet Radio app

by appsRooster team17/02/2017
In shade of a controversial decision that Norway declared to shut down FM radio, all broadcastings will soon be moved to DAB (digital audio broadcasting). Probably more countries will follow this step in order to cut the costs since DAB is 8 times cheaper than old fashion FM broadcasting.

But there is a catch. From customer’s side this solution is not free. Actually this will be a big impact to household budget. The simplest solution to avoid this unplanned expense is to shift to the internet radio.
Most great apps are absolutely free of charge. To use them and enjoy your favorite music you will only need an internet connection.

The biggest advantage of the internet radio is that you are not limited to listen to just local radio stations, but a thousand of radios of all genres from all around the world.
On the app store you can already find plenty of them. One of them which is good to be considered is nRadio developed by Andreas Finstad.

It is a universal app, developed to be used with iPhone, iPad or iPod devices. At this moment it has a base of 23.000 radio stations from 90 countries. There is an option to add manually your favorite radio that currently isn’t on the list, or to import stations directly from the radio station website.

nRadio: Not just another Internet Radio App

A simple user interface can be customized according to the user preferences and make this app look unique and just yours.

Some of the main features are:

– Information about what’s playing and album art on supporting stations
– Works in both portrait and landscape mode on all devices
– Easy to customize the interface and “make it yours”.
– Easy searchable radio station lists and easy adding stations to favorites
– 3D-Touch to play your favorite radio on 3D-Touch supporting devices.
– Alarm clock radio that works even if your app is in the background!
– Adjustable snooze time from 1 – 99 minutes
– Optional decreasing snooze.
– Optional Speedometer with altimeter and temperature.

It will warn you when switching from wireless to cellular network to prevent additional unforeseen charges. Moreover it will give you an option to continue and be warned again in an hour, or never be warned again.

Bottom line

The idea behind nRadio app is very good. Without saying that this app is the best solution for the audiophiles, it is for sure worth of trying for all casual users. Especially for those who stream music on the go while going to work or school, or just taking an easy walk.

Despite its simplicity and easy to use user interface, there is still space for some improvements to come in some of the next updates. Of course, the final judgment about nRadio is yours. Ad free version of the app is also available and it can be downloaded using in app purchase option.

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