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Nintendo Releases Miitomo, Its First App Store Creation

Nintendo Releases Miitomo, Its First App Store Creation

by Andrija Nikolic10/04/2016
By seeing that Nintendo has finally released an app on the iOS App Store, we are all reminded of how times can easily change. However, this seemed inevitably right from the start. Nintendo has finally published a “game” on the App Store and Google Play.

Even though hardcore Nintendo fans expected the next iteration of Super Mario of The Legend of Zelda, the company decided to take a drastically different approach. Miitomo is a social networking app that tries to compete against magnates like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let us take a closer look at what this app offers.

Twitter and Facebook let you introduce yourself to the world by providing some basic information about yourself, like your work history, relationship status, and so on. However, [quote_center]Miitomo doesn’t want to know all those boring details, but instead it is interested in knowing your quirks, how much you love furry animals, and what’s the pitch of your voice.

This way, you will be creating an avatar for yourself, needed to interact with other users. As expected, you can dress up your avatar through a series of normal-looking and not so normal-looking outfits. Now you can finally start experiencing this quirky social network.

Instead of logging-in and posting all kinds of jokes and rants, Miitomo prompts you with questions. Some of those can be “How would you spend $10,000 in a day?” or “What’s an interesting fact about yourself?”. Then, your friends can read those answers and give their takes on your statement, including photo-answers.

These photos can be customized using Miifoto editor, where you can add your avatar, position it, and add crazy-looking effects. The premise here is to let yourself go and laugh out loud to your fellow’s answers.

It is actually very interesting how Nintendo managed this approach to social networking. As it is clear by now, this is not just a rip-off of one of the popular networks. Miitomo comes with its own set of rules, and there’s no way to play around those rules. You can’t post your thoughts or ideas on anything besides Miitomo’s questions.

What also needs to be mentioned is that this app does have a gaming aspect to it. There are Nintendo Missions for those of you who want to take on a challenge.

These are usually simple missions that ask you to complete a set of goals to earn coins. These can be adding a number of your friends, or answering a certain number of questions. Furthermore, some missions will require you to get a number of hearts on an answer, and so on. This directly leads us to the game’s currency which are Coins.

Miitomo is a free-to-play app, which means that it contains in-app purchases. However, these are required only if you become keen on outfitting your avatar, since they don’t unlock any hidden parts of the network.

With this said, it is clear that you don’t have to spend any real money. As a bonus, there are no ads in the app.

Miitomo’s start is successful, since the app has been downloaded more than 3 million times in the first couple of days. However, its future seems foggy. I am not sure how captivating this app can be to more than teenagers, but maybe that’s more than enough for an app to succeed. Either way, it will be interesting to revisit this app in a month or so. App Store Link

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