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0 – an absolutely amazing social network

by Novak Bozovic26/05/2016
We live in the era of social networks, with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram battling over each single user. However, each of these and other popular networks are trying to keep their existing users and attract new ones by profiling their services.

It is hard to imagine another traditional social network becoming popular anytime soon, unless it designs its services for a particular group of users. is one of recently released applications that show that there’s still room for specialized social networks. This application quickly rose to fame on the App Store’s charts, and cleverly combines Instagram, Dubsmash, and Vine.

With over 60 million active users, provides numerous ways to keep you hooked. This is a lip sync app at its core, but there’s much more than that. Users can take part in contests, follow popular creators, musicians, and even celebrities. Continue reading to learn more about why this app is so popular.

There are already numerous power users who rose to fame by using this social network.

This social network is created for those who want to create lip syncing videos and share them across other networks. Similarly to Vine, there’s an option to create multiple clips and stitch them together. After shooting a video, the app shows a large collection of music, filters, and effects that can be easily applied.

The first part of this experience is to shoot a video. There are different modes to choose from, such as Epic, Slow, Normal, Fast, and Time Lapse. challenges you to show your talent with a focused topic, and the app is doing its best to showcase the best examples.
However, the real fun starts with filters and effects. Users have an option to apply a piece of music onto their videos, and then edit it to make the video more entertaining. Some of the options are a Reverse mode, or a Time Trap to capture and repeat an interesting moment. There is also a Relativity option, designed to change playback speeds.

In order to keep users hooked, comes with challenges and contests. The main view of the app shows trending hashtags, which allow you to preview videos and get inspired, as well as to enter contests.

A big part of is sharing. Even though you can create private videos and save them to your Camera Roll, you will be rewarded with unlocked features once you decide to post a video to any popular network. These include Instagram, Facebook (and Facebook’s Messenger), Twitter, Vine, and WhatsApp.

In the same manner, an account can be private, so you’re not forced to show your creations unless you really want to make your talent public. is a free application and doesn’t contain any in-app purchase options. Some of the editing features are locked until you share a video. Other than that, there are no hidden paywalls.

Gary Vaynerchuk has covered the story about in the episode “ Celebrities | #AskGaryVee Episode 198”. If you missed this video check it out:

Most people will have lots of fun with this social network. Considering how many users already joined, it is no surprise that offers you a lot of ways to be entertained. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next star that we’ll get to see on the app’s front page.

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