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Moleskine Timepage: A Beautiful and Capable Calendar App

Moleskine Timepage: A Beautiful and Capable Calendar App

by Andrija Nikolic30/05/2016
Even though our iOS devices come with a built-in Calendar app, this mobile creation is usually ignored by users. This is one of the reasons why there are so many calendar apps on the iOS App Store, where many of them take top spots on the Store’s best-selling chart.

I can easily correlate to those who never use the stock Calendar app, since I have never used it myself. Applications like Fantastical 2 and Sunrise Calendar (soon to be discounted) can easily replace the Calendar app, which seems very basic and limited in functionality.

Upon browsing the App Store, I noticed that Moleskine decided to join this race. As a long-term fan of Moleskine notebooks and planers, I felt intrigued to try their newly released app.

Moleskine Timepage: A Beautiful and Capable Calendar App

The app is called Timepage and from the looks of it, it seems like this well-known company decided to turn their notebooks into digital creations. I assume this wasn’t an easy job, so let’s see how successful this transformation is.

Moleskine Timepage is a stylish, aesthetic and powerful app

Upon the initial launch, you will see that Moleskine Timepage is designed to resemble its physical counterpart. However, this kind of design looks really good on the Retina screen.

Even though the app relies heavily on the red and black theme, this can be easily changed to suit your style. There are numerous colors and hues to choose from.

Moleskine Timepage - A Beautiful and Capable Calendar App

Still, you will see that the black color shows throughout the app, but it nicely complements any color of your own choosing.

Timepage works with iCloud, Google Calendar, Outlook as well as any other popular calendar. This means that you can easily import your existing data, which worked quite well in my case.

The main view resembles the timeline with the days of the week on the left, and a list of your upcoming events in their own corresponding blocks. As expected, there are different views, so you can easily transform the app into a traditional-looking calendar.

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Two words: refined and beautiful

New events can be added by using natural language input, which means that you can simply write a sentence. Timepage will recognize what’s important and fill out the needed form.

This way, you will see that this app supports weather info, reminders, repeating dates, and notes. Interestingly enough, this app is also a comprehensive weather app as well. By swiping from the left, you can see the weather timeline, with highs and lows, and precipitation chance.

Moleskine Timepage - A Beautiful and Capable Calendar App

It is also important to be said that Timepage is available for Apple Watch. This version shows the timeline for the next seven days, along with info related to the weather and navigation.

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Bottom line

After using Moleskine Timepage for a couple of days, I have to say that I think I’ll keep using it. The app is very flexible and makes organization easy. The nicely designed UI is what you’ll like at first, but the app will keep you hooked because of its interesting and highly useful features.

It’s a real pleasure to use this app to plan events and easily schedule all day events or who you are going to meet next month. The Moleskine app is developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (it requires iOS 9.2 or later).

You can download Timepage from the iOS App Store for $4.99. The app doesn’t come with any in-app purchase options. App Store Link

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