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Looking for a way to digitize your sketches? Try Moleskine’s Smart Writing

Looking for a way to digitize your sketches? Try Moleskine’s Smart Writing

by Andrija Nikolic13/04/2016
In case you really care about getting and staying organized, or if you simply like a quality-made notepad, then you must have heard about Moleskine. This company is essentially synonymous with nicely designed and quality-made notebooks.

However, we are surrounded by numerous digital ways to capture information, which is forcing companies like Moleskine to adapt and offer digital ways of inputting information. With this said, I present you the Moleskine Smart Writing.

Some would say that the Smart Writing set is another way to draw and sketch on your paper and transfer those lines onto iOS/Android devices, but I would say that the company finally brought a classic journal into the twenty-first century. This is actually an analog way to capture digital notes, and it consists of a Paper Tablet notepad, a Pen+ smart pen, and a free Moleskine Notes app.

The core part of this system is the Pen+ smart pen. This is not a stylus, but instead a classic pen that is capable of transmitting your notes and drawings into the digital format. This is a nicely built aluminum pen with three flat sides – very light and ergonomic. It comes with standard ink cartridges, so you can refill it inexpensively.

However, there is another side to this pen. It comes with its own battery that can be recharged, a Power button, and an LED status light. You charge it via micro-USB cable that you’ll receive with the packaging, and you connect it via Bluetooth to your iOS and/or Android device.

This system only works with the company’s Paper Tablet notepad. This is a hardcover journal that measures about 8.5 inches in height and 5.2 inches in width. Inside the notepad you will find a nicely textured paper with small dots, used to recognize and capture lines and text. You will get 173 pages, so you definitely won’t run out of room quickly. In case you need a replacement, it will cost you $29.95 to buy a new Paper Tablet.

Finally, there is the Moleskine Notes app. This is a very light app, available both on Android and iOS App Stores. Upon the initial launch, you will be presented with short info followed by the setup screen.

What is important to be said is that Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set isn’t the first of its kind, but it is definitely the most capable one. During our testing of this set, we were amazed by how accurate it is, as well as how it has a sense of how much pressure it’s been applied.

Additionally, you can manipulate your drawings and text, since the Notes app can transcribe written text into digital text.

The accuracy of this feature is impressive as well. Transcribe, edit, and share your digital creations easily thanks to built-in features capable of handling multiple file formats, as well as uploading to cloud services.

The price of $199 will make you think twice about buying Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set.

Bottom line

But, if you decide to buy it, you will see how impressive this note-taking system is. Even though digital styli are more capable than ever, writing on paper is still the primary method of writing and inputting information for many of us. With this said, it is clear that the Smart Writing Set is a way to combine these two worlds.

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