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Mighty – Streaming Music Without Your Phone

Mighty – Streaming Music Without Your Phone

by Andrija Nikolic20/03/2016
During the last couple of years, we’ve witnessed the rise of the ever-growing number of music streaming services. Even though analysts were first speculating that this was just another trend, it has become clear by now that music streaming is here to stay.

Once you decide to join one of the music streaming services, you are in for a tough search and comparison between some of the well-known services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and more.

Each of them brings their own set of benefits and limitations, but the good news is that you will unlock a whole new world of music for a relatively small price.
However, the next step is to choose a good pair of headphones, needed to enjoy all that music.

Still, there’s one product that is left in this chain, the one you didn’t know you needed. This product is called Mighty.

So, what exactly is Mighty? As it turns out, Mighty is still just a Kickstarter campaign, but the one that already met its goal. This device is designed to replace your smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it while jogging and listening to music at the same time.

In other words, this is a small music player that connects to your Spotify account and stores your music for offline listening. Actually, this is an iPod Shuffle that’s capable of streaming.
Let’s start from the setup. Mighty works with its official app and connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to your iOS or Android device.

From there, you need to log-in to your premium Spotify subscription, and download your favorite tracks for offline listening. The final step is to sync your music, and you are ready to go. Once loaded with music, you can plug in your headphones and leave your smartphone at home.

As a concept, this product seems very interesting and it’s clear that it’ll find its find to users. However, it might be hard to explain its limitations in a way that’s comprehensible. For example, you need a smartphone with premium Spotify installed to sync music, but you can’t use your computer to do the same. It also doesn’t work with any other streaming services.

Additionally, it can only play playlists, not albums or individual songs. And there’s also probably the biggest obstacle at the moment, which is its battery life. In its first version, this device will be able to run for 5 to 10 hours, with further software optimizations promised.

As a Kickstarter campaign, Mighty has already attracted a lot of attention which definitely helped the campaign reach the goal of $250,000. What this means is that we’ll get to see this small music player become alive in just a couple of months.

Bottom line

Probably the best thing about Mighty is that it was created to solve a problem we’re all experiencing, and that is the missing link between smartphones and music streaming services. Basically, this makes the music streaming somewhat self-dependent, but as any first-generation product, we will have to wait for the next iteration to see something that truly changes the way we listen to music.

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