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Logitech’s Pop Home Switch Simplifies Home Automation

Logitech’s Pop Home Switch Simplifies Home Automation

by Novak Bozovic16/08/2016
Even though Apple’s HomeKit isn’t a new idea, it seems like we’ve seen its biggest impact during the last year. Numerous companies are coming up with all kinds of home automation products, and we are yet to see what this technology is truly capable of.

However, this also created its own set of issues that are obvious to anyone using at least a couple of HomeKit-compatible products.

When it comes to HomeKit products, as well as any other iOS-compatible home automation products, the biggest issue is their simplicity. Just setting up a new device can be a mess, while making everything working in sync is almost impossible.

For example, HomeKit devices usually require their own apps to work, which is why Apple is currently building a unified app, slated for release alongside iOS 10. However, Logitech has already come up with an interesting and very simple solution.

Logitech’s Pop Home Switch Simplifies Home Automation

A new device called Pop Home Switch is something new for the company known for PC peripherals and iOS accessories. This is actually a button about the size of your palm, that can be programmed to perform certain HomeKit-supported operations.

In other words, this is a hub that plugs directly into an outlet, and uses Bluetooth LE to communicate with your phone and other devices. This way, you can easily control your smart home gadgets, including Philips Hue lights, LIFX connected bulbs, August’s smart locks, and many more.

Individual Pops offer only one button, but it can do three different things. There is a press, double press, and long press – each to trigger a specific action. This action can be something simple, like turning on your Philips Hue light, or maybe setting up a mood in an entire room.

Logitech’s Pop Home Switch Simplifies Home Automation

Let’s take a look at why someone would buy this kind of product. First of all, each time you add a new smart home device from a different manufacturer, you need to add a new app to your ever growing collection. Secondly, this is how you tie smart home devices to a particular smartphone.

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What happens when you’re not home? Well, this means that other people can’t use those devices, or they need to set them up using their own phones. What if there is a simple switch on the wall that combines a traditional way of input with modern smart home devices? That is exactly what Logitech’s Pop Home Switch is trying to do.

Bottom line

This is a very interesting product that actually goes against some of the principles of smart home devices. However, this seems to be an amazing answer to today’s HomeKit technology, which is becoming increasingly complex and hard to manage.

This is why the Pop Home Switch is the perfect solution to those who aren’t entirely comfortable with the current approach to smart home devices.

Logitech’s Pop Home Switch Starter Pack is priced at $100 and includes three switches. There are also add-on units, priced at $40 individually. The system is set to go on sale in the U.S. later this month.

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