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LG V20 Promises Premium Hi-Fi Sound

LG V20 Promises Premium Hi-Fi Sound

by Novak Bozovic16/08/2016
It definitely looks like September is going to be a busy month for anyone looking to buy a new phone. Samsung has already prepared its answer to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 by releasing the ultra-powerful Galaxy Note 7, but it seems like LG has also joined the race. The LG V20, which the company announced a few days back, will debut in San Francisco on September 6.

LG V2, Music on the first place

The company has decided to start a marketing campaign for the upcoming smartphone by gradually releasing bits of information. There is actually only one feature made public at the moment, even though several high-profile leaks have shown what to expect when it comes to LG V20.

LG V20 will be the first phone to feature the new version of Android, called Nougat (or 7.0). Even though this means that people will get to use Android’s tweaked UI with new notification system, along with Vulkan API and much more, LG has also prepared surprises in the hardware department.

Perhaps we can expect the same 16-megapixel shooter, coupled with an 8-megapixel wide-angle sensor.
The smartphone will feature a 32-bit Quad DAC (digital to analog converter), made by ESS Technology. What this means is that you can expect less noise and an overall better sound. However, this only goes for those looking for the best possible sound out of the headphone jack, since this doesn’t have anything to do with wireless audio performance.


In case you’re interested in LG V20’s design, you will be happy to know that LG will sport a dual-rear camera, as well as dual screen that is similar to last year’s model. Aside from that, it looks like LG’s second flagship will pick up some of G5’s features like the modular design.

This isn’t as surprising, mostly because the company has invested a lot into marketing G5’s modularity, so it’s expected for these modules to work across the two phones.

Leaked images have shown that we expect the ticker display, just like with last year’s model. It will be shifted to the right side, just above the screen. The left side is reserved for the front-facing camera.

LG V20 Promises Premium Hi-Fi Sound

Photography lovers will be happy to hear that the dual-camera system is expected to ship with the V20. For comparison, the G5 comes with a similar system, where its photography abilities were among the most praised ones.

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Even though it seems like we already know a lot about the upcoming flagship phone, none of this is official yet. This means that LG can change some aspects of the phone. Still, leaked images have surfaced just a couple of days ago, and we can only assume that LG V20 is currently in production and that it has its final design.

Bottom line

All there is left is to wait for early September, until the phone gets officially revealed. This should happen very close to Apple’s announcement regarding the next-generation iPhone, which means that fans of Android will once again clash against iOS lovers. With rumors that the next iPhone will be just an incremental upgrade, perhaps this is the best time for Android to win over some new users.

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