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Learn All About the Upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Learn All About the Upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update

by Novak Bozovic04/07/2016
Even though Microsoft revealed the next big, free update to Windows 10 during this year’s BUILD conference, we have only recently found out the exact release date. Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be rolled out to PCs, tablets, smartphones, and the Xbox One console on August 2, only days after Microsoft’s newest operating system celebrates its first birthday.

Many of you might be wondering what’s in this Anniversary Update and if Microsoft will continue to be pushy with updates? In case you’ve missed the news from the BUILD 2016 conference, we have rounded up all the new features you can expect from the update, as well as what they mean for an average user. So, let’s jump right in.

Windows Ink

Windows Ink is said to be the most prominent new feature coming with the Anniversary Update. This feature is designed to help Windows 10 become more user-friendly for users with touch screens. However, this is not a new feature exactly. It has been present in Microsoft’s apps like Office and Maps for a while now, but what’s new is the fact that third-party developers can integrate Windows Ink into their apps.

This feature will offer Windows-native tools like an eraser, pen tips, and a virtual ruler. In Maps, for example, you can use the virtual ruler to draw a line on the screen, where the app will calculate the actual distance. In Word, users can delete whole paragraphs of text and more freely format the content.


Microsoft has been working hard on improving Cortana, which was one of the most prominent features of Windows 10. This digital assistant will receive a big update, as well as a deeper integration with other services.

What you will notice first is that Cortana will be present on the lock screen. Furthermore, users will be able to perform certain notification-based tasks on Windows PCs that originated on a Windows or Android phone. In a similar manner, the company plans on adding Cortana to Skype, with much improved and much broader set of controls. For example, the digital assistant will be able to scan your Skype chats and provide helpful suggestions.

Microsoft Edge

As we all know, Internet Explorer has been replaced with a new, modern browser called Microsoft Edge. Even though the new browser ranks high when it comes to the latest Web technologies, it lacks flexibility. However, the solution is on the way.

Extensions are coming to Edge, and will be offered via the Windows Store once Anniversary Update goes live. Popular services like AdBlock, Evernote, LastPass, and Pinterest are slated to provide extensions. In addition, there are some changes behind the screens. Microsoft says that Edge now consumers less power and requires fewer CPU cycles.


The Windows Hello is already part of Windows 10, allowing you to log into your account using a scan of your face, retina, or fingerprint. With the Anniversary Update, this security measure will be extended out to Windows 10 apps and supported website using the Microsoft Edge browser.

Windows Defender also comes with new ways of informing you about threats and notifications about scans. There is a new option to schedule a quick scan of a device whenever the user chooses to keep the system malware-free.

Bottom line

That’s pretty much all we know about the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Even though developers will see numerous new ways to integrate their apps and services into the operating system, an average user will benefit the most from Windows Ink, improved Cortana and Microsoft Edge. As we approach the release date, more information on potential new features might be revealed.

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