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Kwickie Connects You with Your Favorite Celebrities

Kwickie Connects You with Your Favorite Celebrities

by Novak Bozovic25/08/2016
If you’ve been looking for a way to get in touch with your favorite celebrity, or if you’re just interested in trying out a new type of social network, there is a new app available that provides just that.

Kwickie is a new video-sharing app that tries to connect you with your friends in a bit different way. Differently from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Kwickie allows you to record a short video of you asking a question, and then connects your question with a video answer.

As its developer likes to say, Kwickie is a video-chat app with real personalities.

Do we need another social network?

This social network is currently gaining momentum in the United States and United Kingdom by attracting more than 100,000 users within a few months. Created by Australian entrepreneur Jacob Gough, Kwickie is being strongly marketed in the UAE and India, where the opportunity for its growth is the strongest.

Even though it seemed unlikely that a new social network can coexist alongside several popular giants, it seems like users are still willing to try out something new. Let’s see how this app works.

How Kwickie works?

As expected, the app requires you to sign up for a new account during the initial launch. After that, you can record a short video message and pick the best-looking thumbnail.

Videos can be sent as a private message, or can be promoted on various social networks. However, you can promote it only after you receive an answer. As it can be seen, this bite-sized content shares the same core with Twitter, which handles short text-based messages.

Kwickie Connects You with Your Favorite Celebrities

However, the unique thing about Kwickie is that it tries to attract celebrities who are willing to respond to video questions.

Numerous celebrities already joined and helped promote the app, like Hilary Swank, Novak Djokovic, Troye Sivan, Mario Lopez, and many more. Furthermore, there is a whole YouTube-inspired side to Kwickie that is aimed at influencers.

For example, Emily Sky is a well-known fitness model with close to 2 million Instagram followers, who is now actively using Kwickie. Influencers like Skye can monetize their popularity by taking on sessions hosted by brands and partners.

It seems like Kwickie managed to find a loophole in existing social networks, where PR personnel usually responds to fan questions. This means that you can’t see a celebrity talking to you and commenting on a specific question, which is exactly what this app enables.

Kwickie Connects You with Your Favorite Celebrities

Still, celebrities will certainly push this network in the right direction and enable other kinds of uses. For example, users can use it to send personal messages to family and friends, and businesses can use it as an internal communication system.

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Bottom line

One thing is sure, and that is the fact that Kwickie is investing millions of dollars into marketing and trying to push this app into new markets. We are yet to see if this will secure a steady growth, as well as if influencers from other social networks will be willing to give it a go.

Kwickie is currently available for Apple’s and Google’s mobile platform, and it can be downloaded free of charge.

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