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Kubix is a Challenging Test of Your Reflexes

Kubix is a Challenging Test of Your Reflexes

by Novak Bozovic05/05/2016
Even though you can easily find a big-name game on the iOS App Store that will take many hours of your time to go through the entire game, not many of us can dedicate a lot of time to gaming. I tend to have a couple of big and complex games on my iPhone, that I like to return to when I occasionally decide to take longer breaks.

This leaves me turning to smaller, bite-sized games that are perfect for short breaks. These games seem perfect for unwinding and distracting my thoughts, and they can be as addictive as any other game.

In this article I would like to point you towards a game I’ve been playing these past couple of days. The game is called Kubix, and it can be downloaded from the iOS App Store free of charge. Since there are several similarly named games, my suggestion is to input the entire name into the App Store’s search box: Kubix – Catch the white squares and avoid the black ones. This seems like a lot of typing, right? However, trust me that you won’t regret it.

First, let’s start from the art style since this is what leaves the first impression. The game comes from a single developer, called Giovanni Leone. Even though this usually means that you can expect simple graphics, this is not the case with each iOS title that is created by an individual developer. Kubix is the prime example of that.

The game is consisted of black and white squares that are moving across the screen, and a white ball that you control. The background is very cheerful and colorful, where the colors change at times. The typography is simple, but easy on the eyes.

Now let’s talk about the gameplay. Kubix comes with only one game mode, but I assure you that this is more than enough. The game will greet you with the welcome screen, where it only takes one tap to jump into the game. Your goal is to move the white ball across the screen by tilting your device, where you need to avoid black squares. This means that only white squares count.

I know this sounds simple and it is actually easy and very simple to learn the basics, but it’s very hard to master the game. There is also an energy bar in the top left corner, which is something you have to keep your eyes on.

To make things more exciting, you will encounter several enhanced mechanics along the way. For example, your ball can become bigger after eating a number of white squares, so it’s gets trickier to avoid those black squares. In addition, all squares will turn black at some point, so you’ll have to avoid them for some time.

Bottom line

Kubix is one of those rare gems on the iOS App Store that you won’t regret downloading. In case you are looking for a simple, but also highly challenging and addictive game, my strong suggestion is to download Kubix.

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