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Jimmy Fallon Launches a New App Called Bonk

Jimmy Fallon Launches a New App Called Bonk

by Novak Bozovic30/08/2016
Jimmy Fallon and NBC have just launched a new app that was previously shown as a sketch on The Tonight Show. Last Wednesday, Fallon took on a persona of a German gameshow host named Fritz Vanderbonk.

The sketch was about morphing photos of celebrities like Donald Trump, Adam Levine, Ryan Lochte and others who had their faces twisted and stretched. NBC took one step further in trying to monetize the sketch success by releasing an iOS app named “Bonk!”.

Bonk App allows fans to take the role of Vanderbonk and turn their selfies into a warped art. The application is completely free of charge, and it does not contain any in-app purchase options.

All you need to do is download the app from the iOS App Store (Android users are left out in this case) and launch it on your smartphone.

Bonk! scans your face and provides several ways to manipulate your newly captured selfie. The app is very simple and provides an easy way to position your face by using the on-screen cutout. Note: you have to align your phone’s front camera properly.

Once you are ready to take a shot, simply capture it and you will see your work of art.

How Bonk App works?

What is important to mention is that the app is not another live-filter-rendition app, which is one of the hottest trends at the moment. This means that you will have to take a picture of yourself first, and after hitting the button that says “Bonk!”. Instantly you will see a short clip of your selfie being “bonked”.

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In the background, the application applies a series of funny-looking filters that enhance your face by adding googly eyes, a beard, or simply by stretching out your face.

Even though all of these filters are very amusing, it might be better if users were able to disable some of them. In addition, the app seems to be very limited as it does not allow you to import a photo.

Bonk App

We can definitely see a lot of funny videos around the Web these days, but just imagine how many videos we would see if there were an option to import your friends’ photos and share them.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that this app will provide some laughs all over the world, but it will hardly manage to keep its users in the long run. Still, the app is very interesting for another reason. The Tonight Show provides numerous sketches, some of which have millions of views on YouTube.

Many numerous TV shows already have their official mobile apps (and games), this could be yet another way to monetize certain aspects of a TV show.

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Fallon already knows how to make the show trending on Twitter and other social networks, what will definitely be the case with the Bonk! app as well.

Bear in mind that it is important not to take yourself seriously, so go ahead and see what this app has to offer.

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  • Eric
    31/05/2017 at 16:02

    I like very much Jimmy Fallon. He is a really charming guy.
    But I don’t like this app at all!

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