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Indiegogo’s Bravo Headphones Are High-Tech, Low-Cost Headphones

Indiegogo’s Bravo Headphones Are High-Tech, Low-Cost Headphones

by Novak Bozovic01/08/2016
If you take a look at the most popular crowdsourcing websites, you can see some quite interesting ideas. However, not all of these campaigns reach their goals, and you also have to be sure about where your money goes. What this means is that creators of different ideas are doing their best to capture your attention, as well as to persuade you into giving your money.

This is why some of these marketing campaigns can be overly pushy, which is exactly the case with the product I am about to show you.

If you are interested in high-quality headphones, you must have heard about electrostatic technology that powers some of them. Even though they bring the best possible sound quality, they cost a lot. On top of this, they also require large amplifiers that are not as affordable.

This means that only professional musicians use them, as well as those who can afford this expense. However, an Indiegogo campaign is promising to bring high-quality electrostatic headphones for $250, which actually sounds impossible. Still, after taking a deeper look, I was positively surprised. Continue reading to learn more about this interesting product.

Bravo Headphones are presented as the world’s first hybrid electrostatic-dynamic headphones, which means that they have an electrostatic membrane that handles higher frequencies. This membrane is an incredible piece of technology, as well as the reason why average electrostatic headphones cost a couple of thousand dollars. However, the Bravo is priced at $199 for early backers, and $245 at retail in October. First, let’s start by taking a look at the company behind this product, as well as from where this technology comes from.

Bravo headphones come with very comfortable ear pads, a flexible headband, and reasonably compact dimensions.

The maker of this product, called Sharkk actually sells tons of copycat wireless speakers on Amazon, which is definitely a red flag. However, this product actually comes from the Taiwanese Verisonix. This company is responsible for the innovative technology found inside of these headphones. Still, Sharkk has done its design, which still requires some praise.

There is some sort of mismatch between the product and the company that makes it, but I have to admit that I was wrong about this one.

Already reviewed by several high-profile online publications, it sounds like Bravo is the real deal. Experts are very happy with Bravo’s design and how comfortable it is. Still, you shouldn’t expect the same quality as from a proper set of electrostatic headphones, but you’ll get a lot of value for the price, especially if you join the bandwagon at this moment.

Bottom line

If you always look for the next great headphones and if you’re ready to spend $200 on a high-quality product, my strong recommendation is to take a look at this Indiegogo campaign. By the way, it already reached its goal (with 24 days left to go), which is always a good thing. The Bravo headphones are definitely an intriguing alternative.

Source: Bravo headphones (Indiegogo)

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