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iMazing received a big update

iMazing received a big update

by Andrija Nikolic31/03/2017
Apple has provided several ways to keep your iPhone, iPad or iPod device updated and synced with your computer. Many of us can agree that iTunes isn’t a perfect tool and you may already read our article about its best alternative – iMazing.

Recently iMazing got a big update, the current version is 2.2.3 and it is already iOS 10.3 compatible.

The most striking thing about iMazing, at least the first time you open the app, is its beautiful interface. The app is designed to mimic iOS’ aesthetics, so you’ll be familiar with it right from the start.

Upon pairing your iOS device with the app, you will see a list of applications and their file types. On the left-sidebar pane that can be accessed, previewed, and backed up. Some of these are: Phone, Messages (including traditional and iMessages), Photos, Music, Contacts, and Voice Memos.

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What can you do with it?

Firstly, you can transfer photos in both ways.
iPhone is great for taking pictures, and iPad is gorgeous to showcase them. With all respect, Apple provides a way to transfer them to MAC or PC but the reverse process is not easy. That is one of the most irritating things, if you ask me.

But not any more. Using drag and drop function you can copy whole folders or just a single image to the Photo section in the app.

iMazing received a big update

Once you do that, you’ll be prompted to enter the name of your new album, and it will be created for you. It is also possible to manage pictures in albums you created, adding or removing photos as you go. As simple as that. It is a big question why Apple didn’t allow such options in its iTunes.

Secondly, another good feature is file synchronization. Sadly, Apple stock iTunes force users to transfer all images from their mobile device to the computer. This means that all photos will be stored on a single computer.

iMazing not only restores a simpler workflow, but it lets you easily grab images from any computer.

Thirdly, there is still Apples iCloud option, but by default it’s limited to 5Gb what is pretty small for the latest big multimedia files. So, users have to pay for additional space.

For some paranoid users this solution doesn’t make them comfortable at all due to their privacy concerns. Even if we know that Apple iOS is one of the most secured platforms today we remember that iCloud could be compromised.

iMazing is also capable of managing iBook sections, which includes adding or extracting e-books and PDF files to your computer with just a couple of clicks. With the newest update, Books are also backed up and restored automatically, just in case.

iMazing received a big update

Last but not the least, one of the most important feature is Device Management. It is crucial for updating or re-installing iOS. Personally, I prefer more to update my devices on the device itself. But in some cases using Device Manager on a computer is the only option.

Device manager can also be used for handling your device in recovery or DFU mode, removing paired devices (without requiring a connection) and so on. You can read more in details about the whole list of features coming with the latest update here.

In conclusion

Even though you have to pay for it, which seems a bit steep, this is one of the rare apps that can completely replace iTunes – at least when it comes to syncing and updating. It can be used on Mac and Windows computers as well.

Taking everything into consideration and free trial option there is no real reason why you will not download the app and give it to try.

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