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A New Kind of Smartphone Case: i-Blades Smartcase

A New Kind of Smartphone Case: i-Blades Smartcase

by Novak Bozovic01/09/2016
It seems that the time has come for smartphone cases to become smarter. Even though you can choose from different kinds of cases, it seems that some companies are more willing to offer something unique. After all, this can provide much needed publicity and exposure, which in turn provides a better chance for their products to be successful.

Jorge Fernandes, who is one of the minds behind Apple Pay, has launched and completed successfully an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that was about a new kind of smartphone case. Called i-Blades Smartcase is a modular case that promises to bring proper protection for your phone, as well as the snap-on module that sets this case apart.

By taking a look at the case without any modules, you can see that it brings fairly traditional design. This is the shell-type case, which means that all you have to do is carefully push your phone inside. There is a bumper all around the phone, protecting its corners and edges. However, eight small dots on the back are the sign that there is more to this case.

Alongside i-Blades, the company is selling individual expansions, called blades. Each of them has its own distinctive function. At the moment, you can buy blades that provide more battery life to your phone, or the one that packs extra storage. Since most of us are battling against short battery lives and problems with free space, it is understandable why the company has developed these two kinds of extensions firstly.

The blades can be attached to the back side of the case using magnets and a circular copper contact array. This array forms a hard wire high-speed data connection using the case’s built-in MCU. On the other hand, it is connected to your phone through its charging port.

What is interesting to mention here is that you can connect several blades on top of each other, which is the first time something like this has been achieved. As the company promises to build new blades, this is surely expanding the case functionality. Some of the ideas for future projects are air monitoring, fitness tracking and sound enhancement.

Apart from modular attachments, this case seems interesting due to its slim design. As you probably know, battery cases are usually quite bulky and heavy, making the i-Blades an amazing alternative.

The individual blades vary in thickness from 2mm up to 9mm, and they are made of chrome and brushed aluminum. This should provide high-end aesthetics, which is very important if you own a flagship phone and don’t want to ruin its beautiful design.

It is worth noting that the i-Blades is currently available for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 smartphones. This means that there is no iPhone version yet. In addition, you can currently only preorder this product, with the expected launch sometime in October.

Cases are priced at around $100, while individual modules are priced at around $40. The case also comes in two finishes: polycarbonate and leather.

It will definitely be interesting to keep an eye on this product, since it brings a lot of promise and potential. You don’t often get to see a product that promises to build a new category in the smartphone case market.

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