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HomePod could be the only speaker you’ll ever need

HomePod could be the only speaker you’ll ever need

by Andrija Nikolic06/06/2017
Many of us have watched this year’s WWDC2017 conference. I haven’t felt such excitement for a long time when it comes to this or similar events. Personally, I think AR presentation was a huge step forward for Apple and something that will disrupt industry, but let’s talk about HomePod first.

HomePod: iPod for your home

Yesterday, Apple toom a brave step and entered the arena with its home sound system called HomePod. People will say that there are already similar products made by Google, Sonos or Amazon. It is not the first time for Apple to enter the battle late and win.

Except Sonos, other speakers have a pretty mediocre sound quality. If HomePod sound quality is the same or better than Bose speakers, I guess it will be enough for many to go for the Apple product, including me.

At this moment we can only comment its look. And it looks really nice – – like kind of Mac Pro can design shape, coated with fine white or black fabric.

Technically speaking…

HomePod is powered with a powerful 4-inch woofer and built in amplifier. To create a perfect sound stage, HomePad has seven tweeters and six built-in microphones. It’s using Apples’ powerful A8 chip to run this intelligent speaker — to set automatic EQ and echo cancellation with beam forming technology.

Apple HomePod intelligent sound system

It automatically detects the acoustics of any room and adjusts the sound based on the speaker’s location, and plays music in the optimal direction.

Consistent 360 degrees’ audio, no matter where HomePod is placed or where you’re sitting will create an immersive sense of space.

Hey Siri! Play the funky music!

Using a voice command HEY SIRI, users will be able to search the music library and access 40 million songs from almost two million artists. Also, users can ask this intelligent speaker about song details such as who is playing the guitar or keyboards.

Apple HomePod intelligent sound system

More over, it is capable to answer the questions or to control your smart home appliances such as smart light bulbs. Something similar to Amazon Alexa and their Echo smart speaker.

But, even on the iPhone Siri sucks and it is a way behind Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. And in my opinion, it is the biggest challenge of the HomePod speaker.

Multi-room support

The speaker can be used in many rooms in your home or you can have two of them in the same room. They will automatically detect and balance each other and deliver the best sound.

Bottom line

The question how it sounds comparing to Bose, Amazon and Sonos speakers still remains. However, HomePod will be available in December later this year. Maybe the best part of year to launch a new product. It will be a perfect Christmas gift for millions of Apple fans all around the world including me.

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