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Google Allo Slated for Release on September 21

Google Allo Slated for Release on September 21

by Novak Bozovic20/09/2016
Allo is a new instant messaging app developed by Google as a response to iMessage and other highly popular messengers. Packed with numerous interesting features, Google Allo managed to capture a lot of attention right after it was announced during the company’s annual I/O Conference back in May. It seems like we won’t have to wait any longer to try out this app.

According to the expert tipster
Evan Blass (@evleaks), Allo will finally launch on September 21st. This is just a little one month after Duo, the company’s latest video calling app. Let’s hope that Google has taken this time to polish Allo’s features.

Google Allo is definitely one of more interesting apps by the company. It is a departure from what Google has been doing with Hangouts, while trying to catch up numerous messaging platforms that are currently available. However, it is important to be said that Allo is not a replacement for Hangouts, but instead a standalone app that brings unique features. Let’s take a look at what this app offers.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of this app is its machine learning capability, courtesy of Google Assistant, the company’s virtual assistant. What this means is that Allo is a smart messaging app that can learn over time to make conversations and be of great help.

One of the features that are associated with this technology is called Smart Replies. These are not those simple reply options that we see often, but instead personalized answers. For example, if you get asked for a dinner, Allo will suggest responses by offering several restaurants. This all happens within the app, so you can get the job done in just a couple of taps.

Furthermore, you can talk directly to Google Assistant. You can search for photos, GIFs, videos, or any other kind of digital media or information available on the Web. Then, you can use that information to send these items to your friends.

If you’re jealous of your iOS friends and their brand new Messages app (available in iOS 10), you will be happy to hear that you’ll get similar features with Allo. For example, Expressions are amped-up emojis and stickers that can be used in-chat. Whisper-Shout allows you to adjust the size of the text using a slider to simulate whispering by using small-size text or shouting by using large text.

Google Allo also takes care of your privacy. You can take advantage of the incognito mode, which offers end-to-end encryption and private conversations. This means that you won’t get regular notifications, which is great for keeping off prying eyes around you while you text someone. This goes hand in hand with another interesting feature that allows you to set messages to expire after a time period you select.

If you’re interested in trying out Google Allo as soon as it becomes available, you can visit the Google Play Store and look for this app. You will see that you can register in advance, and get notified as soon as the app becomes officially available.

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