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Foxconn leaks and what we know about iPhone 8

Foxconn leaks and what we know about iPhone 8

by Andrija Nikolic05/06/2017
Thanks to the Reddit, we’ve been able to get more information regarding the incoming Apple iPhone 8. The leaked information is coming straight from the workers employed in Foxconn factory where Apple is assembling its phones.

There are numerous speculations about the next iPhone 8 (X or whatever it will be named), its design and specifications. Luckily, yesterday Reddit/r/apple AMA session clarified some of them.

Foxconn leaks and what we know about iPhone 8

This data is from distribution network with thousands of people being involved in the same information. Lots of those information is already sold to KGI securities and other analysts for their reports.

Here is iPhone 8 (X) confirmed information

– iPhone 8 will have a glass unibody (similar to iPhone 4/4s).

– Touch ID sensor will be embedded under the glass on the front side of the phone. There will be no physically touch button on the front of the phone.

– It will have a dual front camera that will be able to capture 3D depth map for Facial Detection and a Retina Scanner for biometrics.

– Led display with MicroLED panel.

– Finally, Apple iPhone will receive Wireless charging.

– Water resistant.

– The phone will have 3Gb of RAM.

The similar leaked information about iPhone 8 design and looks is available on Macrumors website:

Foxconn leaks and what we know about iPhone 8

This year iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will also be released, but it won’t be so revolutionary as the new model. It will still be an aluminum unibody and without wireless charging.

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  • Erlick
    05/06/2017 at 11:32

    I’m still not sure how the new iPhone will look like!
    There is so many speculations.
    As Apple fan I really want to see a “Ferrari” among smartphones, not a clone of some other available phones.

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