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Everything you have to know about new Nokia 3310

Everything you have to know about new Nokia 3310

by Andrija Nikolic01/03/2017
A few days ago, at #MWC17 in Barcelona, Nokia launched a remake of the model 3310, one of its most popular GSM phone ever. Here is everything you have to know about it.

First things first.

The new phone is not developed under the eye of the original NOKIA company.
HMD Global is a new Finnish startup, founded by ex-Nokians. They bought the rights to use Nokia licensing for their smartphones and also acquired Nokia’s old feature phone business from Microsoft for $350 million. HMD Global has a great mission in mind: to bring back Nokia (smart)phones to the market.

It is great news for all Nokia fans all around the world. But, let’s be honest. It is not real NOKIA. It is a new company, that has rights to develop phones under the NOKIA brand and that is not the same.

If you read the whole article you’ll understand what I want to say. Let’s compare the old and the new models.

The Old Nokia 3310

The first Nokia 3310 was released in September 2000 and it quickly became a best-seller with 126 million units sold. Its predecessor, model 3210 was the first mobile phone of that time that had an integrated antenna and exchangeable covers for a more personalized look.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the Finish company was incredibly popular among users because of its unique compact design, great durability and an amazing battery life. Mostly because the devices didn’t have processes as phones nowadays and their energy consumption was a way smaller than today.

The first model also had a bigger display comparing to its competitors. Many mobile phone producers like Motorola, Siemens or Ericsson didn’t have a model to compete with Nokia.

Everything you have to know about new Nokia 3310

The old NOKIA 3310 was one of the best if not the best device in its class. As I said, it was a phone with built-in antenna, big screen, the best user interface at that moment and greatest battery life. It was a robust, almost unbreakable device.

Last but not least, the phone had installed one of the most addictive games: SNAKE. There wasn’t any other phone with such a great mobile game. Users played SNAKE for hours and battery didn’t draine faster because of that.

Above all, 3310 keyboard was fantasticaly smooth so you could text your friends for hours. And it was developed 17 years ago.

Personally, I have used a lot of their phones (5110, 3210, 6110, 3310, 6150, 8310, 6510, 3410, 3510, 3210, 6210, 6310, 6610, 7110, N73, E71…) and without any doubt I can say that Nokia was the best brand of cellular phones between 1998 and 2005.

The new NOKIA 3310

At the first sight, the new Nokia 3310 looks similar to its cheap models such as 225 for example. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing bad with this model. Actually, my 69 year old father is using this model. But, making hype over it is nothing more than a joke.

So, what are specs of the newest Nokia 3310?
It’s running under its operating system with 16Mb of RAM. From today’s perspective, this phone has a pretty small 2.4” color display (240x320px with 167ppi pixel density).

Everything you have to know about new Nokia 3310

It is the right question if you ask yourself why there is 2Mpx camera and not the one with a much bigger resolution. Older Nokia’s was also synonym for good cameras.
I guess that at this time on the narket, there isn’t a camera with a wore resolution.

Another issue is connectivity. This device has Bluetooth 3.0 capabilities, but regarding internet connectivity there is one strange thing. Despite the fact that everyone wants faster internet and current 4G hype, Nokia engineers used old 2.5G?!

Not to mention that whole #MWC17 congress was under 5G impression, this model has obsolete 2.5G network.

At this point, most operators all around the world have shut down such a old technology. Again, it is a good question why they didn’t just forget about internet connectivity.

Everything you have to know about new Nokia 3310

Here is the hardest thing for most of old Nokia 3310 fans. Why did they redesign SNAKE game?
And when I say this, I’d like you to remember Edie Murphy in Nutty Professor.
The part when he’s on his knees in front of a club and asking for forgiveness

Everything you have to know about new Nokia 3310

It is not even close to the original Snake masterpiece game.
Really, why did they do it?

Battery life

Ok, there is one thing that is truly impressive about this phone. It is its battery life.
According to the available data, the new Nokia 3310 is able to keep this phone up to 22 days in stand-by mode or 21hrs talking time. Such a great battery life is possible due to low consumption, since there aren’t any of modern apps running in a backup.

Just one more complaint. Did I say that old Nokia 3310 had easily exchangeable covers, which makes this phone even more personal? I did? Well don’t expect it on the 2017 version.

I’m pretty confused reading all comments praising thecoming back of NOKIA 3310 with such features.

The real problem (no one is talking about)

It is obvious that HMD Global just used model 3310 to regain brand awareness before their next step and nothing more.

In favour of this claim I’ll quote Arto Nummela the CEO of HMD Global.
He said in his interview for BBC: “The smartphones such as model 6 are the future and we put big efforts there. The next chapter of NOKIA is in (Android) smartphones.” This statement clearly shows in which way they want to go.

This makes things even more confusing. It seems that Finish startup did not learn from Nokia mistakes.

Without a clear vision, strong sales points and innovations there are small to none chances to get reborn from ashes.

Everything you have to know about new Nokia 3310

Making just another Android phone in Chinese factory will not make a big difference on the market. Especially in the mid and high range smartphones in the year when Samsung and Apple will launch their latest Galaxy 8 and 10th anniversary iPhone.

Also, don’t forget that around the corner there are Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Sony, HTC, Motorola and more Android smartphones to compete with.

In my opinion they should put their focus on VR and AR capabilities. It will force them to pay attention on features that are real future.

VW vs Fiat vs Nokia

Let’s go back again to Nokia 3310.
There are many companies which tried to reinvent the wheel – to redesign some of their old products.

Everything you have to know about new Nokia 3310

For example, some of the most popular car manufacturers like VW or FIAT tried this already. The German company with its model Beatle and Italian company with model 500 (Fiat Cinquecento).

Both models made a huge success in original releases and both models become legends in their time. Numerous collectors have them in their collections. But remake models have fallen. Sales weren’t even close to their older brothers.

The market just didn’t accept it. You can easily make the same analogy with old Nokia 3310 and the new one.

Soon we’ll see is it a brilliant marketing move or just a desperate attempt to revive the dead giant. As a Nokia fan, I’d like to be wrong, but chances for the new owners to succeed with Nokia are pretty thin.

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