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ES File Explorer is Android’s Most Capable File Manager

ES File Explorer is Android’s Most Capable File Manager

by Andrija Nikolic24/04/2016
By default, most Android handsets come with a built-in file manager. This is an important feature since Android is perhaps the most open mobile platform, so having the ability to modify and edit files on the go is very important.

However, built-in file managers usually do a good job of performing basic functions like moving, deleting, and renaming files, but they usually lack power features and ease of use. This is why you can easily find a number of high-quality file managers on the Google Play Store, where one of them is ES File Explorer.

This application is one of the most popular file managers, with more than 300 million downloads.

ES File Explorer can be downloaded from the Google Play Store free of charge, where the app is ad-supported. Even in its free version, the app is a fully-featured file manager that lets you take control of your locally stored data, as well as remotely stored files. In addition, there is an app manager included, as well as cache cleaner and task manager.

This all-in-one solution is powerful enough for advanced users, but also simple enough for those who don’t need highly-advanced tools. There is a very short tutorial upon the initial launch, explaining you how to select files, move between different screens, and change between different views.

Whether you’re a power user of a casual user, ES File Explorer is all you need to better manage your files!

At its basic level, ES File Explorer offers a set of tools that you would normally expect. This is the ability to move, copy, cut, delete, and rename files. By long-pressing on an item you will see a checkmark icon, indicating that you can mark a bunch of files at once.

After that, you can apply the single option to all of them, so this is an easy way to delete a number of files, or move them from your local storage to a memory card. The one feature that I found to be highly useful is the ability to handle ZIP and RAR archives, which is something you can’t do with built-in file managers.

Since Android phones can have very large libraries of folders and files, it’s important to note that ES File Explorer provides numerous ways to sort them out. For example, you can choose from differently sized icons, different lists (large, small, medium), and sort out files based on their names, types, sizes, or when they were last modified.

As mentioned earlier, this application also handles cloud and server storage solutions. There is support for Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other popular services. Server solutions include support for FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and WebDAV.

Among additional features, this file manager provides a way to uninstall Android apps, as well as speed up your system, your removing cache and junk files. To ensure that your phone’s RAM and battery isn’t sucked up by a resource-demanding app, there is the task manager.

Bottom line

ES File Explorer is the number one downloaded app in counties like Brazil, India, China, America, Russia, Iran, Mexico, Spain, Germany, and Japan. There is a reason for this, since this app brings a comprehensive suite of highly useful and easy to use tools.
Check out this amazing file manager on Google Play, which I am sure will become your one-stop for managing local and remote files on your Android phone and tablet. Find it on Google Play

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