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Email Exchange + by MailWise

Email Exchange + by MailWise

by Andrija Nikolic03/06/2015
Since I bought my first smart phone (and that was more than a decade ago), I've been looking for a reliable but simple, and at the same time, handsome email app. My criteria were and still are strict, and there haven’t been many email apps that could make me say wow!

Taking the risk of getting a nerd label, I’ll tell you one more thing -I’m using a few different email apps at once, both on Android and iOS devices in desperate pursuit of finding the best one that will fit my needs and taste.

I don’t know about you, but on a daily basis I handle almost a hundred emails on my phone. It is the number of emails that I read, forward, reply to, or create in one day. To be honest with you, some emails hit the trash can of course, but you’ve got my point.

A few weeks ago I was surprised with a request to review Email Exchange + by MailWise, an email app that me and my wife have been using for almost two and a half months.

The best MailWise feature is a simple and intuitive user interface in combination with visual appearance. With Kit Kat it looked really good, but once I updated it to Lolipop 5.0.2 it became even better.

From the visual point of view, it would be really nice to have the night mode: dark background with white characters. It will make reading much easier at night.

As it is expected, Email Exchange by MailWise works with most popular email providers: Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo mail, Outlook, Gmail, AOL, Live, MSN, Hotmail and you can connect it with your exchange mail server, of course, using IMAP and ActiveSync.

The biggest disadvantage of MailWise email app is the lack of possibility to use POP3 servers. But I really do hope that the developer will add this option soon. Probably the most valuable feature is security.

It is a pure exchange client side email app with all data stored locally on a user’s device. This means that your important data can’t “leak” from the mail server because Mail Wise doesn’t have a server!

In conclusion:

Email Exchange + by MailWise is a vise choice no matter if you are a power user with a bunch of emails to handle daily, or you just want to connect all your accounts in one app. Also I’ll encourage the developer to keep improving MailWise for Android and I’m looking forward to its iOS version.

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