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Elon Musk Plans to Redesign Public Transportation

Elon Musk Plans to Redesign Public Transportation

by Novak Bozovic25/08/2016
Elon Musk is already world-wide known for companies such as PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, and for numerous other things. Even though this man continues to surprise and amaze us, it seems like the most interesting things are yet to come.

Nearly one decade after Musk’s original plan for Tesla, called Part One, the Tesla Motors blog published the second part of the Master Plan. What this means is that the company already reached all of the goals from the Part One which essentially laid out the plan to earn money with the Model S in order to produce the more affordable Model 3.

Interestingly enough, three months after introducing the Model 3, the company has taken close to 500,000 deposits for the long-awaited $30,000 sedan. However, the Part Deux is where some amazing things are planned to happen.

Tesla Motors is currently building a compact SUV, as well as “a new kind of pickup truck”. Beyond those machines, Musk says that there are two other types of electric vehicles needed: heavy-duty trucks and high passenger-density urban transport.

Apparently, buses are in the early stages of development and could be revealed as soon as next year.

Furthermore, Musk plans on completely reshaping the public transportation as we know it. Cities like San Francisco have already introduced electric busses to their streets, but they are not radically different from the old ones except for their eco-friendliness.

Tesla’s buses will be smaller, but large enough for wheelchairs, strollers, and bikes.

Elon Musk Plans to Redesign Public Transportation

Furthermore, they will be quick enough to keep up with traffic, which means that their performance won’t be affected by their futuristic characteristics.

The Part Deux also goes on to explain that Tesla buses won’t stick to predetermined routes, which is radically different from what we all know. Instead, these vehicles can be used in coordination with smartphones and mapping, so the bus can deliver you right at your door.

As expected, Tesla also thinks about those without a smartphone. There will be fixed summon buttons at existing bus stops, so things won’t be as drastically different for some of us.

Partnership with Mercedes-Benz

The company’s Master Plan is also looking a bit further into the future and acknowledges autonomous technology. This technology should make your car do the driving, which goes the same for the trucks, buses, and other vehicles.

This isn’t too far from today, especially since companies like Google, Apple, and Mercedes-Benz have already joined this race.

Elon Musk Plans to Redesign Public Transportation

If we step away for a second from the Tesla’s plan, we could realize that these plans aren’t at all radical. We can already see different pieces of technologies that continue to be developed, and after all, Tesla is the first company to bring an affordable electric vehicle.

In conclusion

What is astounding here is the scale of this project. Elon Musk plans on branching out immediately, as well as to tie all of these futuristic technologies into a cohesive system.

In ten or twenty years from now, maybe we will be sitting in a self-driving electric bus. If there is a company that can materialize this plan, it would be Tesla. The interesting thing is that Tesla in not alone in this view of the future.

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