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Discover Interesting Stories, Narrated by Voice Actors – Colony FM

Discover Interesting Stories, Narrated by Voice Actors – Colony FM

by Novak Bozovic10/04/2016
Keeping up with the latest news has never been easier thanks to our handheld devices. Still, this means using an app of choice, designed to collect interesting stories that you really care about. However, this might not be the way to find the most interesting stories, written to spark your interest in particular topic and to leave you wanting for more.

Sadly, the majority of published articles are click-baits, without any real value.

Even though I have been using Flipboard for a couple of years now to stay on top of the latest information from various topics (categories), this app still requires some work and input to make it work the best way it can.

Still, I am always interested in trying out other options. One of my latest experiments was a bit different, since I chose to test an app designed to read stories and articles to me. This app is called Colony FM.

Colony FM is an iOS application designed to narrate the articles to the users. You can find interesting articles, blog and web posts in an easy-to-manage format, narrated by voice actors. On top of that, you can become part of this community and help curate the app according to your taste. Continue reading to learn more.

First, let’s talk about the UI design, since this is something you will encounter first. The app will allow you to choose of a couple of the most interesting articles that are featured on the front page. Right below you will find a list of previously featured articles, so there is a lot of content right from the start.

As expected, you can browse individual categories as well as playlists. The overall feel of the app is that it’s easy to use and navigate. You only need a couple of taps to get to an interesting story, so there’s no fumbling around aimlessly.

When it comes to the available content, you can find typical news-related stories that inform you of the current affairs. However, what I enjoyed the most are articles that you wouldn’t encounter in a daily-published newspaper. For example, some of these articles are “How do astronauts grow plants in space?” or “The mystery of why people go missing in Alaska”.

Moreover, you are not limited to the already available content, since you can make a request and submit whatever form of written work that you’d like to have narrated. This is a good way to share your interesting discoveries.

What also needs to be mentioned is the app’s flawless performance.

I have been using Colony FM for about a week now, and I still haven’t experienced a single issue. Buffering works great every single time, and you are free to use other apps while listening to an interesting story.

The only thing that is missing at this point is the search functionality. However, there is a lot of great content easily available, so I can see myself using this app without the search feature. Even so, I am sure we will get to see this implemented soon.


Colony FM is a hidden gem on the iOS App Store. Very easy to use, with hours of interesting articles and stories, and on top of all of that – free of charge! There is no reason why this app shouldn’t be installed on your phone. App Store Link

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