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Discover All Pokémon GO Secrets by Using a Hack

Discover All Pokémon GO Secrets by Using a Hack

by Novak Bozovic11/08/2016
As I am sure you know, Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. Nintendo and Niantic have done a great job of making millions of players go out of their houses and search for cartoonish creatures.

As expected, this has also made some tech-savvy players look for another way to find rare collectibles. As you’ll see in this article, even developers have joined this race.

Some Pokémon Go players are experiencing issues with the game’s Nearby feature, while others are just looking for a way to preview all available critters in their nearby areas.

If you’re one of these two types of users, you’ll be happy to know that developers are already working hard on building a Google Map that displays the location of every Pokémon around you. Continue reading to learn more.

This project originates from a subreddit group dedicated to developers who actively play this game. As expected, these guys are familiar with the game’s code and they know where to look for hidden gems.

This is how someone managed to extract raw data including the locations of gyms, the items at PokéStops and also where certain kinds of Pokémon are appearing.

A developer called Ahmed Almutawa is the one who found a way to extract the data, which was later put on GitHub. However, it turns out that it isn’t easy to make this data viewable by someone who’s not familiar with technical terms.

As you can see in this step-by-step guide, you need to use a command line to initiate this operation. This is a good signal that you shouldn’t mess with this code unless you really know what you’re doing.

Discover All Pokémon GO Secrets by Using a Hack

In case you decide to take on this project, upon its completion you will see a Google Map with every nearby Pokémon, as well as other points of interest and collectibles. Other users have reported that this map works and that it shows reliable information.

Almutawa and other contributors are currently working on making the map more user friendly and accessible to an average user. This involved creating an interface for installing the app and previewing its data.

His motivation is to reach more average Pokémon Go players, as well as to prevent developers from taking advantage of this situation. I am sure you also agree that everyone deserves a fair chance.

Currently, the only problem is that Niantic can block access to this information through a new software update, which could stop the map from working. Even if this happens, developers will surely find a way to alter the code and once again extract the data.

Bottom line

This already happened with other hacks that involved changing your in-game location in order to collect a rare Pokémon, or even to automatically go out and catch these cute critters for you.

If you’re interested in finding rare Pokémon in your area without having to walk for miles, go ahead and try to initiate the map. Lots of interesting and rare collectibles await, at least this goes for those who manage to survive through the command prompt.

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